ACA Categories and Criteria

The ACA, as detailed in the Finance Act, covers 10 different equipment categories and 52 associated technologies. To view the eligibility criteria applicable for a particular technology please click on the relevant technology name below.

The ACA criteria are updated on a regular basis - please ensure you only refer to the latest versions given below by date.

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Overview of the ACA equipment categories and eligibility criteria:

Equipment CategoryMinimum expenditure (for ACA incentive)*Technology& associated criteriaDate Criteria last updated
Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)€5,000Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)28.09.2009
Lighting€3,000Lighting Units27.09.2010
Lighting Controls11.10.2010
Motors and Drives€1,000AC Induction Motors27.09.2010
Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)28.09.2009
Permanent Magnet Motors23.06.2010
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)€1,000Rack Mounted Servers27.09.2010
Enterprise Storage Equipment10.05.2010
Precise Cooling28.09.2009
Centralised Direct Current Power Distribution28.09.2009
Power Management28.09.2009
Uninterruptible Power Supply28.09.2009
Blade Servers23.06.2010
ICT Communications23.06.2010
ICT Optimisation Solutions23.06.2010
Heating and Electricity Provision€1,000Co-generation30.09.2011
Wind Turbines25.07.2011
Boilers and Hot Water Heaters27.09.2010
Localised Steam Generators28.09.2009
Stationary Fuel Cell Power Systems28.09.2009
Photovoltaic Systems25.07.2011
Boiler Controls28.09.2009
Condensate Recovery Systems17.12.2009
Steam Systems28.09.2009
Biomass Boilers23.08.2011
Solar Thermal Collectors02.09.2013
Process and Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) Control Systems€1,000HVAC Zone Control28.09.2009
Heat Exchangers27.09.2010
Hydraulic Power Recovery Turbine28.09.2009
Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicles€1,000Electric Vehicles and Associated Charging Equipment28.09.2009
Alternative Energy Vehicle Conversions28.09.2009
Catering and Hospitality€1,000Commercial Dishwashers18.06.2010
Commercial Laundry Dryer18.06.2010
Commercial Combination Ovens18.06.2010
Commercial Laundry Washer23.06.2010
Water Boilers04.06.2010
Electromechanical Systems€1,000Electrical Actuators18.06.2010
Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines18.06.2010
Injection Blow Moulding Machines18.06.2010
Injection Moulding Machines18.06.2010
Process Energy Management Systems23.06.2010
Voltage Stabilisation23.06.2010
Refigeration and Cooling€1,000Compressors and Condensing Units23.06.2010
Refrigerated Display Cabinets23.06.2010
Refrigeration System Controls and Monitoring23.06.2010
Chillers and Fluid Coolers27.09.2010
Heat Pumps25.07.2011

* Expenditure within each equipment category must, at the end of the accounting period, be equal to or exceed minimum expenditure amounts relevant for each category. Minimum expenditure can be over a range of projects, procurements etc as it only relates to overall company expenditure on BEMS technologies in the accounting period.

On a regular basis, over the course of the the ACA scheme, Statuatory Instruments (S.I.) are published with the latest updates of eligiblity criteria and ACA eligible products (all eligible products published in the SI are also searchable through the online ACA Product Search facility). The current S.I. list is as follows:

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