What are the carbon emission factors used?

The system calculates the CO2 emissions attributable to the reported energy consumption using carbon emission factors. These are used to convert energy consumption (in kWh NCV1) into kg of CO2 and they can vary slightly from year to year. 

Energy TypekgCO2/kWh
Net Electricity Imports0.494
Onsite Generation (Non-fuel Renewables)0.000
Offsite Electric Vehicle Charging0.529
Natural Gas0.205
Light, Medium & Heavy Fuel Oils0.274
Manufactured Ovoids0.354
Sod Peat0.374
Peat Briquettes0.356
Milled Peat0.414
Wood Chips (35% moisture)0.000
Wood Pellets0.000
Wood Briquettes / Logs0.000
Solar Thermal0.000
Road Diesel (DERV)0.264
Marked Diesel (non-thermal use)0.264
Jet A1 Kerosene (Aviation)0.257
Aviation Gasoline (AVGAS)0.252


Note that the conversion for a given year do not become available until some months into the following year. The factors in the system - and this FAQ - are updated when they become available. The latest factors are always in the system by the time that the reporting cycle closes.

1Net calorific value

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