What units do we use to submit energy data? What are the conversion factors used?

Electricity and natural gas data is sourced automatically from the meter operators in kilowatt hours (kWh). You typically report the other energy data in the units in which it is billed, e.g. litres for heating oils and transport fuels, tonnes for wood chips and solid fuels. The system automatically converts all energy consumption to kWh on a net calorific value basis. It is very important that you enter data in the correct units.

The following are the current conversion factors used to convert energy consumption from the reported units to kilowatt-hours (kWh). The conversion factors are based on net calorific values and they can change slightly from year to year.

Energy TypeReporting UnitsConversion Factor (to kWh)
Natural GaskWh (Gross)0.902
BiogaskWh (Net)1.000
Light, Medium & Heavy Fuel OilsLitre10.786
Manufactured OvoidsTonne8,889
Sod PeatTonne3,640
Peat BriquettesTonne5,152
Wood Chips (35% moisture)Tonne (wet)3,229
Wood PelletsTonne4,800
Wood Briquettes / LogsTonne4,800
District Heat ImportedkWh1.000
District Heat ExportedkWh1.000
Solar ThermalkWh1.000
Road Diesel (DERV)Litre10.169
Marked Diesel (non-thermal use)Litre10.169
Jet A1 Kerosene (Aviation)Litre9.800
Aviation Gasoline (AVGAS)Litre9.348

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