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SEAI is Ireland's national sustainable energy authority. We work with householders, businesses, communities and government to create a cleaner energy future.

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Our vision

Our vision is for Ireland’s energy to be sustainable, secure, affordable, and clean. To achieve this, Ireland must use less energy, move to clean energy, and innovate to create new solutions to meet our energy needs. Leading the transition to smarter and more sustainable energy activities is central to what we do.

Our 2020 achievements

Why sustainable energy?

Sustainable energy improves people’s lives, brings comfort and convenience, and addresses environmental challenges. It is also beneficial to our economy, creating and protecting jobs. Our role is to help all of society to be more energy efficient. We also support the development of clean energy technologies.

Statement of Strategy 2022-2025    Statement of Strategy 2022-2025 as Gaeilge

Executive Leadership Team

SEAI is organised into four directorates and operates from offices in Dublin, Dundalk, Cork and Sligo.

CEO: William Walsh
Director of Research and Policy Insight: Margie McCarthy
Director of Corporate Services: Marion O Brien
Director of Business, Public and Transport sectors: Declan Meally
Director of National Retrofit: Ciaran Byrne

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SEAI Board

The SEAI Board sets the broad strategy and policies for SEAI.

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FOI Publication Scheme

The Scheme is designed to facilitate the provision of information to the greatest extent possible, except for information exempted under the Act.

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SEAI and Brexit

SEAI has been closely monitoring the progress of the Brexit negotiations.  We are satisfied that organisationally we are prepared for Brexit and that, as far as can be assessed during this time of uncertainty, our full range of services and supports to our clients and stakeholders will continue with minimal disruption. SEAI will continue to support the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment and the wider Government with any requirements or analysis needed in preparation for Brexit.

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