Our transition to a low-carbon economy requires citizens and government to work together to develop a sustainable energy system for Ireland.

National policy on sustainable energy

The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE) is responsible for enacting a range of energy policies and measures to promote the delivery of a more sustainable energy system for Ireland. The latest national policy statement on sustainable energy is Ireland's Transition to a Low Carbon Energy Future 2015-2030.

EU 2030 climate and energy framework

The European Commission committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the Paris Climate Agreement in December 2015. They have since presented a range of legislative proposals to support the EU in delivering on its climate and energy goals for 2030.

Three key targets for 2030 of at least

  • 40%

    Cuts in greenhouse gas emissions (from 1990 levels)
  • 27%

    Share for renewable energy
  • 27%

    Improvement in energy efficiency

The framework was adopted by EU leaders in October 2014. It builds on the 2020 climate and energy package.

EU Clean Energy Package

Following the adoption of the 2030 climate and energy framework, the European Commission published a package of measures called the Clean Energy Package. It aims to keep the EU competitive as the transition to clean energy is changing the global energy markets. The proposals have three main goals:

  • Putting energy efficiency first
  • Achieving global leadership in renewable energies
  • Providing a fair deal for consumers

SEAI’s role and activities

At SEAI we have a number of policy advisory and technical support roles for energy policy development and delivery. These include delivery, maintenance, and co-ordination of;

  • Energy modelling, policy analysis and advice. This is to inform policy making, programme design and reporting against EU energy efficiency and renewable energy targets
  • Official national and sectoral statistics for energy production, transformation and end use
  • Energy related research to inform the next generation of technology development and development of effective energy policies and measures

Analysis supporting policy

SEAI provides high-quality analysis and policy advice on a range of energy and climate issues at national and European level. It operates within SEAI’s Low Carbon Technologies Department. We have published a range of documents informing energy policy development in Ireland. They include:

National annual energy forecasts

Technology insights papers

Consumer insights papers

Sustainable energy potential and impacts studies

National energy modelling framework

We are currently working to deliver a national energy modelling framework for DCCAE to provide detailed policy options analysis over the period to 2030 and beyond.

Official national energy statistics

SEAI develops and maintains comprehensive national and sectoral statistics for energy production, transformation and end use. This data forms the basis of policy analysis undertaken by a wide range of institutions and researchers in Ireland.

Research co-ordination

SEAI provides energy research information in Ireland to stakeholders in government, academic institutions and industry. Much of this information forms the starting point for policy debate and considerations for new policy development.

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