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Programme Executive - Behavioural Economics Unit

Shalin is a Programme Executive in the Behavioural Economics Unit at the SEAI. She is actively involved in understanding human factors that influence sustainable energy behaviours and undertaking a variety of research methods which include evidence reviews, behaviourally informed interventions and qualitative methods to encourage the uptake of sustainable energy solutions.

Shalin came to Dublin in 2019 and graduated with a postgraduate degree in Economics from Trinity College Dublin. She went on to do behavioural research in risk perception at the Technological University of Dublin after which she joined SEAI in 2022. She hails from a southern state in India named Kerala where she has collaborated with the Government of Kerala to pilot a behavioural intervention to encourage recycling behaviours among school students.

Shalin loves to go on long drives, listen to music and will never say ‘no’ to a good crime thriller novel or film.