• Alison Donnellan
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SEAI expands the supports it provides across Irish Industry, through key strategic partnerships.

2023: A Year of Strategic Partnerships

SEAI understands the value of collaboration to meet Ireland’s emission targets. By working together with key industry players, SEAI can significantly expand its support to businesses of all sizes to embrace a greener future.

2023 was a testament to the power of strategic partnerships. SEAI's collaboration with DIAGEO proved to be a resounding success. This partnership focused on supporting on-trade businesses, such as bars and pubs in the hospitality sector, to better understand their energy use, become more energy efficient and reduce their carbon emissions.

Empowering Hospitality Businesses

Through our educational resources and training programme, SEAI directly supported over 300 businesses in the hospitality sector, in 2023. We're committed to demystifying the misconception that energy efficiency and decarbonisation are expensive endeavours. These initiatives represent a strategic investment, leading to significant cost savings on operational expenses while minimising environmental impact.

Expanding Our Reach in 2024

Building on the success of 2023, SEAI is thrilled to announce the continuation of our partnership with DIAGEO. We're excited to leverage the combined expertise of SEAI, with DIAGEO's extensive industry reach, to empower even more businesses in the hospitality sector on their sustainability journeys.

A New Collaboration for Tourism Sustainability

Further expanding our collaborative efforts, SEAI is proud to announce a new formal partnership forged at the beginning of 2024 with Fáilte Ireland. By combining our expertise, resources, and influence, this partnership will aim to drive tangible change within the tourism sector, fostering a sustainable, low-carbon future and supporting the broader national agenda for climate action.

Collaboration is Key to a Sustainable Future

SEAI recognises that achieving widespread sustainability requires a collective effort. By working hand-in-hand with industry leaders like DIAGEO and Fáilte Ireland, we can empower businesses throughout the country to implement effective energy-saving measures and reduce their carbon footprint.

Join Us in Driving Ireland’s Energy Revolution!

SEAI offers a comprehensive suite of educational and financial supports to assist businesses on their decarbonisation journeys. These include:

  • Free, online educational resources: The Energy Academy is fantastic resource for educating staff about how to save energy quickly and easily without spending any money. Suited to all businesses. Register here for free.
  • Expert advice: SEAI’s introduction to Energy Management is a free online workshop led by an experienced energy trainer where a business creates an energy action plan. Please view all upcoming workshops here.
  • Energy Audit Support: Unveil significant energy savings for your business with SEAI's Support Scheme for Energy Audits (SSEA). This program offers SMEs a €2,000 voucher, often covering the entire cost of a high-quality energy audit. An SEAI energy audit is one of the first steps a business can take to save money, save energy, enhance their brand image and future proof their operations.
  • Financial support: A range of attractive grant programmes that can significantly offset the cost of implementing energy-saving upgrades.

Contact us today to explore how we can help your business thrive in a sustainable future.

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