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“I’ve learnt that no one is too small to make a difference” – Greta Thunberg.

I love this quote from Greta, the young Swedish girl who kick started a movement and got us all out on the streets demanding climate action. Although we don’t expect children to sort out the mess previous generations have made, we do want them to know that they can help no matter how small their actions may seem. And that us adults are listening to them and supporting them.

How do we do this?

Role models are important for us all and especially for young people.  While Greta is a great role model for many children (and adults!) around the world, children need to know that protesting isn’t the only way to show you care for the earth. This book from SEAI does exactly that!

Climate SOS is an adventure storybook that follows four kids and a dog, Sparkie, who are focussed on exploring sustainable energy and protecting the environment. Unfortunately, their arch-nemesis Max Siphon and his gullible sidekick Guzzler seem set on being wasteful!  

Readers might even recognise the energy wasting friendly monster, Guzzler, from reading SEAI’s Guzzler’s Big Book in their infant days

A climate action adventure

Lucinda Jacob, writer, and Alan Nolan, the illustrator, bring us on an exciting journey around Ireland with these four children. Using a captivating story line and engaging illustrations, Lucinda and Alan teach the reader about climate change in a way that relates to their lives and day-to-day experiences.  We discover what’s been happening and who’s been trying to foil their good work, aka Max Siphon, their arch-nemesis. 

“What has happened to everyone? Said Orla. They were helping the environment, saving energy and had great plans to use green energy and go carbon neutral.  Now they all seem so fed up.  I bet Max Siphon and Guzzler are at the bottom of this.”

Ultimately, this book encourages and empowers children to make their own decisions, having become more aware of the impact of their choices. “We must give them hope again, said Orla looking determined.  Without hope no one will answer the Climate’s SOS!  This is our biggest emergency yet!  Remember……. WE HAVE THE POWER!”

Get a copy

Climate SOS was commissioned by SEAI and was written by Lucinda Jacob, illustrated by Alan Nolan and edited by Orla Kelly, St Patrick’s College of Education, DCU. Teachers and parents can download a copy of the e-book from our website and teachers can order a hard copy for their school by emailing schools@seai.ie. School sets are also available to borrow from local libraries across the country.

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