• Nóirín Byrne
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Cosy Up and Get Your House Winter-Ready this Autumn.

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Ireland’s meteorological forecasts tend to be predictably unpredictable. Every winter we obsess about the weather, glued to our weather apps, wondering if the Beast from the East will make a comeback. As a nation we are unprepared for these harsh Slavic weather extremities… trains get delayed, flights are cancelled, and the bread runs out. With the Climate Crisis dominating agendas from the classroom to the boardroom, Met Eireann’s alarming ‘yellow’, ‘orange’ and ‘red’ weather warnings have us fearing the worst.

While we can't predict the weather, we can take a proactive approach to reducing our energy bills and keeping the heat in this winter. Too many people in Ireland live in cold and damp homes which can drive energy bills through the roof and leave us feeling the chill. The average Irish household spends over €2,000 on household energy bills annually according to the CSO’s latest figures. Here are five tried and tested ways to help you get your house winter-ready:

1. Insulate your attic

Did you know that 30% of heat is lost through your roof?

A well-insulated attic is the best way to increase your home’s energy efficiency and the cheapest place to start. Poor attic insulation can lead to damp spots in your house, higher bills and health problems. Keep the heat in this winter, the doctor at bay and get a €400 grant towards your attic insulation.

2. Insulate your walls

Our choice of wall insulation grants can help make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. A contractor registered with SEAI can help choose the best insulation type for your house. Reducing heat loss through your walls will reduce your energy consumption and give a little love back to the environment. A well-insulated house is energy efficient and useful if you have noisy neighbours! By insulating the attic and walls, you can save up to €600 per year on heating bills.

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3. Install heating controls

In addition to insulation, investing in heating controls can also provide substantial energy savings. If you really want to ramp-up your winter vibes, take charge of your energy consumption and get your home connected. Zoned heating can help you match your heating and hot water supply with your dayto-day life at home, so when it’s not  needed, it’s turned off. Try not to leave your heating on all day as this will waste energy and increase your bills. Embrace heating controls to enjoy a more energy efficient home this  winter - SEAI offer a grant towards your purchase.

4. Invest in solar panels

Installing solar panels is an obvious choice on your energy efficiency journey.

On average, a solar PV system can save between €200-€300 per year on your domestic electricity bill. This will make a big difference to your household running costs, allowing you to save for what really matters.. Generating your own renewable electricity also has benefits for our environment. The energy you consume will be clean energy, which cuts down on your greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn more about installing solar panels at home and what funding is available through SEAI.

5. Heat Pumps

Heating your home and hot water with a heat pump is becoming increasingly popular in Ireland. The most in demand are air-to-water which are ideal for Ireland's moist climate. Heat pumps will help you save on household bills in the long term but wise to remember that unless you have a well-insulated home, the heat pump won’t be as effective as what it should be.

Investing in sustainable and renewable energy can provide substantial energy savings at the end of the month and transform your comfort levels. If you own your own home and are looking to upgrade to a warmer more comfortable home, please get in touch and learn more about what grants are best suited to your needs and budget.

Decide what energy upgrades suit your home and learn how to apply for our grants here.