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SEAI is the Single Point of Contact for guidance on the licencing and permitting requirements for renewable energy projects in Ireland.

Are you developing a renewable energy project? This could include solar, wind, thermal, battery storage or district heating, for example. SEAI want to make it easier for you to find out what licences and permits may be required during the different stages of your project. Rather than trawling through lots of different websites, you can find details on what is required for your bespoke project all in one place.

Our role is to make the consenting process less overwhelming for renewable energy project developers. While we don't have a direct role in the process itself, we can help guide you through it.

How it works

Our Licence and Permit Finder allows you to search for licences and permits specific to your project. Your results are based on:

  • the technology you select, for example, solar, wind or hydro,
  • the type of project – community, commercial or self-consumer,
  • the scale of project,
  • the stage of the project you are currently in - for example Design and Construction, Operations or Project End.

You will be presented with a list of licences and permits that are either mandatory or project specific, along with a link to each licence page where you will find more detailed information. We also provide a direct link to the issuing body where you can apply.  

Licence and permit library

If you prefer, you can go direct to the licence and permit library for a full list of all licences and permits related to all types of renewable energy projects. This is useful if you know what you are looking for.

We have a range of technology specific manuals that outline the consenting process relevant to each technology.

Developing a renewable energy project in Ireland

We have plenty of guidance on our dedicated webpage for anyone developing a renewable energy project in Ireland. SEAI aims to guide you through this consenting process by providing:

  • details on licences and permits
  • information on specific licences or renewable technologies
  • and guides tailored to each technology.

Please note

SEAI offer a range of grants and funding supports across home, business and community. This is a separate endeavour to the Single Point of Contact, which provides guidance only on the licencing and permitting requirements for renewable energy projects in Ireland.

Click here to find out more about SEAI’s grant offerings.

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