• Jim Gannon, CEO at SEAI

Companies are now recognising that addressing environmental and social issues can deliver growth and cost savings.

Large Energy Users in Ireland

SEAI's Large Industry Energy Network has 200 member companies who employ 135,000 people in Ireland and spend €1.1bn on energy annually. Both output and employment are on the rise in this sector. This continued improvement in energy performance alongside the backdrop of a growing output is encouraging. Members of the network recognise that the core principles of energy efficiency and sustainability have the potential to deliver financial savings while also gaining competitive advantage. 

2016 results

In 2016, members reduced their energy bills by €17.5 million and cut CO2  by nearly 158,000 tonnes. SEAI are very proud of these results and all the achievements by the network since it first established in 1995. We will continue to innovate and collaborate with all the members in pursuit of their business and carbon goals.

Business motivations

Addressing environmental and social issues can enhance brand reputation, strengthen stakeholder relations and boost the bottom line. Business motivations may vary but some differentiate themselves in the marketplace by attracting customers willing to pay a premium for a more sustainable product. Ethical investors bring interest and value and often remains more loyal and personal to an organisation.

Then there are those who see a smart business decision where investment in sustainability goes directly to the bottom line. The preserve of only having a few niche ‘green’ companies has now reached tipping point.  

Decarbonising a growing economy

In an era of rapid political and economic change, victory will go to those who are agile, adapt to disruptive threats and who can capture new opportunities. Decarbonising a growing economy is not without its challenges. It will be necessary to once again double our efforts so that we are in the leading cohort of nations addressing climate change.   

The members of the network have a major role to play, showing leadership and innovation as they have done in the past, in order to minimise the carbon impact of an expanding economy. There are no shortages of innovative and advanced energy solutions available to Irish industry.  

The shared effort and combined will of the network members and their supply chains can help Ireland meet and perhaps exceed our ambitious energy targets while continuing to ensure Ireland’s competitiveness and growth.

At SEAI, we will remain committed to supporting large energy users in their drive towards increased energy efficiency and decarbonisation of their energy supply. Working more closely with the network members in the future we aim to make even more savings up until 2020 and beyond.

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