Leap to11 is a collaborative effort between eleven participating National Energy Agencies, to support their respective Member States during the transposition and implementation of Article 11 of the recast Energy Efficiency Directive.

Project objectives

The project’s main aim is to improve the quality framework for energy audits and energy management systems across all Member States. The project will evaluate, upgrade, and optimise existing national programmes, ensuring a more effective use of resources.

In addition, the project aims to maximise the impact of energy-saving initiatives within the recast Energy Efficiency Directive, by fostering synergies between energy audits, energy management systems, Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes, and any other energy-related initiatives.

Project outcomes

  1. To improve data management practices and produce key performance indicators, thus improving the effectiveness of national energy efficiency programmes.
  2. To ensure a smooth transition for all parties (government ministries, national agencies, businesses, and auditors), during the implementation of the legislation.
  3. An increased use of standards and protocols that encourages the adoption of the energy-reducing and energy-efficient measures recommended in energy audits and energy management systems.


  • ENEA – Agenzia Nazionale Efficienza Energetica (IT)
  • ADENE – Energy Agency (PT)
  • CRES – Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (GR)
  • DENA – Deutsche Energie-Agentur (DE)
  • EIHP – Energy Institute HRVOJE POZAR (HR)
  • EWA – Energy and Water Agency (MT)
  • LEA – Lithuanian Energy Agency (LT)
  • RVO – Netherlands Enterprise Agency (NL)
  • SEAI – Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (IE)
  • SIEA – Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SK)
  • REVOLVE – (BE)

Project information

Project number:

Duration of the project:
1.2.2024. – 31.1.2027.

Total value:

EU co-financing:

Coordinating beneficiary:
ENEA – National Agency for New Technologies (Italy)