It is mandatory for manufacturers and importers of IT products to follow the applicable EU ecodesign and energy labelling requirements. Learn more about current regulations and ensure compliance in the Irish market.

The European Union (EU) requirements for energy labelling and ecodesign pave the way for more energy efficient products to enter the market. These requirements have been established based on the Ecodesign Directive, the Energy Labelling Regulations and product specific regulations.

Your obligations for energy labelling

Under EU energy labelling rules, manufacturers and importers of IT products which are subject to energy labelling are legally required to:

  • provide retailers and consumers with an energy label and product information sheet (also sometimes called product fiche) for each product unit placed on the market in the EU
  • ensure the accuracy of the energy label and product information sheet
  • enter the relevant information in the public and compliance parts of the product database (EPREL) before placing a unit of a new model on the market
  • keep information concerning a product model for ten years after the last date of placement of units on the market
  • display energy related information (label and product information sheet when products are sold directly to consumers or advertised (websites, brochures, etc.)

Product list

Energy labelling and ecodesign requirements apply to the following categories of IT products:

  • electronic displays (including TVs)
  • mobile phones, cordless phones and tablets (starting June 2025)

Ecodesign requirements apply to the following categories of IT products:

  • computers and small servers
  • servers and data storage products
  • external power supplies
  • equipment with off mode, standby mode and networked standby mode

Recent updates

Product specific regulations are frequently updated. This ensures that energy labelling and ecodesign requirements keep up with the current market and ongoing technological upgrades.

On August 31st 2023, two regulations on mobile phones and tablets were published on the Official Journal of the European Union . This includes Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2023/1669 for energy labelling of smartphones and slate tablets, and Commisssion Regulation (EU) 2023/1670 for ecodesign requirements for smartphones, mobile phones other than smartphones, cordless phones and slate tablets. The regulations will apply as of June 20th 2025.



Monitoring compliance

Market surveillance campaign reports

As the MSA, we regularly conduct campaigns on product categories available in the Irish market. Results from an IT-related product campaign can be found in the summary report below:

Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Compliance Assessment - Televisions