Show your customers that you are contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable environment. A lower carbon footprint is a big win for your brand image.

Powerful message to your customers

Company vehicles play a part in your brand image. So moving to electric vehicles can offer a strong message to your customers. An electric vehicle shows your organisation's commitment to reducing energy consumption.

Your customers may notice that your electric vehicles:

  • Arrive at their front door in relative silence
  • Stand out and turn heads
  • Incorporate electric vehicle messaging

Lower carbon footprint

An electric vehicle fleet shows that you are taking your Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. 

Sustainability statement in tenders

When large organisations clean up their operations they expect their suppliers and service providers to follow. We now see tender documents which include sustainability sections. This presents an opportunity for your organisation to gain a competitive edge.

Haulage industry requirements

If your fleet works for hire and reward, or haulage, look for these criteria in the Global Logistics Emissions Council standard, procurement guidance and declaration. Green Public Procurement rules for vehicles and transport services include scoring for energy efficiency and many of the environmental impacts mentioned under service costs.