Your business can make a positive impact on climate change by reducing a range of emissions associated with fleet transport.

Transport emissions

Internal combustion engines emit carbon and harmful gases. These are contributing to climate change and having a negative impact on our health. According to the European Environmental Agency 2018 Report, approximately half of premature deaths resulting from local air pollution are attributed to transport. Electric vehicles can combat this trend.

Zero emission vehicles

Electric Vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions. Because they are quieter and smoother to drive they help reduce the stresses of driving. By switching your fleet to electric vehicles you are making an immediate impact.

Renewable electricity

Currently around a third of electricity used to charge your electric vehicle is renewable. However, grid electricity is expected to be 40% renewable by the end of 2020, with a target of 70% renewable by 2030. Therefore, unlike a standard diesel or petrol vehicle, the fuel supplying an electric vehicle is getting cleaner year on year.

Reduce noise pollution

Noise pollution impacts on the quality of life, particularly in cities. Electric vehicles emit very small levels of noise, particularly at low speeds. As with most vehicles, at speeds above approximately 40kph, the noise we hear is generally road noise. Your customers in residential areas may thank you for not disturbing their sleep.