We offer a suite of integrated supports to help public bodies fulfil their legal obligation to report energy performance data through the public sector energy monitoring and reporting system.

Monitoring and reporting for public bodies

All public bodies are required to report energy data annually using our online monitoring and reporting system. The videos below will help you in filling out your report.

​New user training

SEAI provides a number of new user training sessions at the start of every reporting cycle. The new user workshops are aimed at those who are new to or not very familiar with the M&R system. They comprise hands-on, practical step by step guidance on how to use the M&R system and complete your reporting requirements.

Our most recent training workshops were held online in January 2023. Information on all training sessions are posted on Energy Link: https://energylink.seai.ie/event

If you are a new user looking for training or require assistance completing your M&R report, please contact our Helpdesk on mandr@seai.ie or 01-8082012.


Activity metric masterclass and mentoring

If you believe that your choice of activity metric could be improved or you are considering using a non-standard activity metric, SEAI’s activity metric masterclass and mentoring service will support you through this process. The support comprises a half-day masterclass on non-standard activity metrics.

SEAI partners will also benefit from one-to-one mentoring support for 2 weeks after the masterclass to help you develop an approach for a bespoke activity metric, and an optional SEAI review of your proposal for a new activity metric, with feedback on the appropriateness of the proposed metric.

Information on any future activity metric masterclass sessions will be posted on Energy Link: https://energylink.seai.ie/event. If you need activity metric support in the meantime, please contact the M&R Helpdesk at mandr@seai.ie

Data 'fix' support

The process for evaluating the robustness of M&R data is the data verification assessment (DVA) process. If you have a clearly-defined data quality problem (e.g. one that has been raised in a DVA report), you can submit your approach for fixing it to SEAI for review. Note that SEAI will not develop the solution to your data problem. SEAI M&R experts will review your approach and provide feedback to you, which will hopefully enable you to address the issue before the next reporting deadline.

To request this support, please complete this template describing your proposal and submit it to mandr@seai.ie. SEAI will endeavour to review your proposal as quickly as possible and to work with you to resolve your data for the next reporting cycle.


The M&R Helpdesk provides frontline email and telephone support to public bodies and schools from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Email: mandr@seai.ie
Call: 01 808 2012

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