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Which renewable heating system is right for your business? Find out how heat pumps biogas and biomass heating systems work and their practical cost considerations.

When choosing a renewable heating system, some factors to be considered include:

well insulated building

Your building's fabric and energy rating

Generally speaking, heat pumps are best suited for well-insulated buildings with high energy rating

biomass boiler


Heating sources like biomass boilers need access to deliver fuel to the fuel store

lobby of a hotel

Existing pipework and radiators

It is important to consider whether or not existing pipework and radiators are compatible with the new heating system

Heating temperature requirements

Heat pumps may be more suitable for low temperature heating while biomass or biogas boilers may be more suitable for medium to high temperature heating

Types of renewable heating systems

Biomass heating

Wood pellets or wood chips are the most commonly used fuels for biomass heating systems. Biomass heating systems include biomass boilers and CHPs.

Biomass heating systems

Commercial heat pumps

Heat pumps absorb heat from the air, ground or water and upgrade it to a higher temperature before distributing it where needed.

Heat pump systems

Biogas boilers

Renewable heat can be generated from any organic feedstock or waste material using Biogas boilers or CHP heating systems.

Biogas heating systems