Save up to 30% on your energy bill through a range of energy efficiency supports from SEAI.

  • Understand your bill

    Discuss your energy bills with your supplier and learn how to lower or avoid any penalty charges.

  • Switch off the lights

    Switch off the lights when not required. Ensure you are using the correct lighting levels for different tasks.

  • Turn off

    Encourage people to turn off appropriate equipment when they leave an area.

  • Heating

    Do not let heating and cooling operate at the same time in the same area. Heating should stop at 19⁰C and cooling should start at 24⁰C.

  • Maintain

    Have a schedule and procedure for maintenance and ensure staff report faults straightaway.

  • Controls

    Check that timer controls are set correctly and reflect occupancy hours

  • Pump Speed

    Fit variable speed drives to existing pumps to ensure they operate at speeds to match the load. You can half a pump’s electricity use by reducing its speed by 20%.

Energy Saving Tips for SMEs

The average small or medium sized business can save up to 30% on its energy bill by becoming more energy efficient. Our experience shows you can save up to 10% with little or no capital cost. Check out our energy saving tips to get started on your journey.

Download our SME guide to energy efficiency

Supports for SMEs

We offer a range of supports to help SMEs on their energy efficiency journey.

  • Financial supports
  • Information and advisory service
  • Training supports

To cut costs even further, SMEs will need to consider investing in energy efficiency measures such as insulation, lighting and renewable energy technologies. The payback for many energy efficiency technologies can be as low as 1.5 years.

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