SEAI strives to be a progressive employer of choice, supporting the business needs of the organisation at the same time as supporting climate-friendly, flexible work practices for our people.

SEAI is a progressive organisation that values our people and the contribution they make to achieving our organisational goals. This policy aims to enable our people to deliver our organisational ambitions through climate-friendly and flexible work practices which support high quality delivery of services to Government, the public and businesses, while providing colleagues with choice and opportunity.

This policy will ensure we maintain and improve our contribution towards greater organisational flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness while supporting SEAI’s Mission, Vision, Values and Culture. It builds on the mutual integrity and trust displayed over the last number of years and demonstrates our ability to deliver in the public interest, whilst acknowledging the important aspects of working together in an office environment.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that SEAI’s approach to where we work is:

  • Climate friendly.
  • Effective and practicable.
  • Meets business needs.
  • Mutually beneficial for both the employee and SEAI.
  • Attractive to current and prospective employees.
  • Competitively positioned against the backdrop of flexible work offerings from other organisations.


Blended working can deliver the following benefits:

  • Assists employees in achieving a greater work life balance.
  • Reduces commuting times and resulting carbon emissions.
  • Enables appropriate work environments and approaches to match the task at hand, i.e., collaborative versus focus-based work.

This policy includes guidance and information on arrangements to support blended and remote working arrangements in SEAI in a fair, transparent, and consistent way. Please note the Health and Safety of our employees is of paramount importance. SEAI and every colleague have responsibilities in this area and this policy outlines these responsibilities and the duty of care everyone carries in implementing a blended working approach in SEAI.

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