This upgrade saw a 1960 semi-detached home brought from a D2 to an A-rated home.


  • A-rated home
  • Minimised heat loss & improved comfort
  • Renewable energy

Key achievements

BER A3 achieved

The works achieved a BER uplift from D2 to A3.

Comfortable and warmer home

They homeowners now enjoy a much warmer, cosier and healthier  environment

Installed renewable energy technologies

An air-to-water heat pump replaced an oil boiler.

Installed solar PV panels for renewable electricity.

Installed mechanical ventilation system

This improves air quality for the homeowner


About the Project

This 143m2 semi-detached home in South Dublin, built in 1960, had a level of energy performance typical of its time – little insulation and fossil fuel (oil) heating.  Before the upgrade began started, this home had a building energy rating (BER) of D2. 

The initial phase of the upgrade involved significant improvement of the wall and roof insulation and the installation of high-performance windows and doors. The purpose of this is to hold the heat in the house for much longer and reduce the amount of heat required to keep the home at a comfortable temperature.

The next phase included installing and integrating renewable technology to decarbonise the home. An air-to-water heat pump was installed, to replace an oil boiler, providing heating and hot water.

The integration of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery resulted in improved air quality for the homeowner as well as reducing carbon emissions and household costs. A highly efficient wood burning room heater replaced the multi-fuel stove and 100% LED lighting were installed throughout the home.


The house received a post works BER of A3, which is an 83% reduction in energy, making it highly energy efficient.

"It feels like a real luxury for the house to be comfortable all day round. We're never cold" - Homeowner