The DAA completed a major carpark lighting upgrade project with support from the EXEED Programme


  • 80%

  • 690

    LED lights installed
  • 3

    Stages complete

DAA achieved savings of 80% on its carpark lighting costs by implementing EXEED

EXEED is an Excellence in Energy Efficient Design certification programme. Dublin Airport was one of the first organisations to progress its project through all three stages of the SEAI EXEED certification system – Design, Verify and Manage. The airport used a design-led approach to energy savings. They have verified their energy savings achieved, they are managing the operation for continued savings and are using best practice in energy efficiency. 

The planning approach

The DAA looked at their approach to lighting and lighting standards. Instead of replacing each old light with a more efficient version, they went back to the drawing board and asked lots of questions such as;

  • Do we need to have lighting everywhere?
  • Do the existing lighting standards and guidelines take account of modern luminaires and LED characteristics?
  • Were original design parameters applied correctly?
  • Are there areas that need less lighting? 

The DAA researched and learned form other carparks. They trialled various lighting levels to find out what worked the best while still maintaining safety standards.



“We have received really positive feedback from carpark operations on the new system. The new lights give a lovely bright white glow and with the touch of button they can dim or enhance the lighting in an area. People are becoming more aware of the climate and the environment and it is important for companies to take action where they can to reduce the impact of their operations".
Martin Mc Gonagle, Asset Care Head of Energy, Environment and Utilities, DAA

What was completed through the Exeed Project?

Carpark lighting had been 70% of the airport’s car park energy consumption. The DAA received grant funding through SEAI's EXEED certification programme to complete below.

  • They upgraded surface carparks, multi-storey carparks and carparks in terminal one and at all energy consuming processes in these areas.  
  • They installed 304 LED lights in the multi-storey carparks and 386 in the surface carparks, which can be controlled individually.
  • They are now able to change the lighting level to suit the operational need and capacity at a given time.  As well as saving energy this has the added benefit of creating a better environment for carpark users. LED lights need less maintenance and have a longer life than traditional lights. 

EED Expert

DAA appointed Andy Wood from WEML as their Energy Efficient Design (EED) Expert for this project. With his support, they have achieved EXEED Managed certification.