Monitoring and investing in energy has delivered savings at Sligo Park Hotel. They successfully upgraded their boilers, completed an LED lighting upgrade, and actively monitor energy use in the hotel.


  • 187k

    kWh of annual energy savings
  • €10,053

    Annual cost savings
  • 54k

    kg of annual CO2 savings

Key achievements

Energy savings achieved

Project payback for their initial investment of €90,000 will be achieved in approximately 2.5 years.

Successful upgrades

The boiler upgrade and lighting upgrade to LED energy efficient lights are both delivering real energy savings.

Monitoring through EMS

The Energy Monitoring System (EMS) is proving useful as a monitor for energy use by zone throughout the hotel.

Plans for further savings

The hotel can achieve further savings by addressing the Air Handling Unit in the Leisure Centre in the future.

The project

 Energy (kWh)   Costs (€)   CO2 (kg)
Before project 988,026 88,053
After project 800,400 78,000 265,000
187,626 (19% saving)
10,053 (11% saving)
54,000 (17% saving)

The initial approach adopted at Sligo Park Hotel was to install an energy monitoring system (EMS). This was to accurately demonstrate and understand the energy use throughout the hotel and leisure centre. The EMS was installed during 2013 using wireless interfaces. Energy saving opportunities were first addressed with co-operation of the hotel staff. Hotel management then recognised that to make further inroads in energy savings, investment was needed and this included lighting and boiler upgrades.

Lighting upgrade from halogen to LED was implemented in some of the hotel zones. For boiler upgrade, a range of options were assessed including CHP with final decision to upgrade the oil boilers to LPG condensing type with cascading operation to match the heat demand. The oil boilers were over 16 years old with thermal efficiency (65-70%) well below that of modern condensing boilers (90 %+). The lifespan of the existing boilers is typically 20 years so it was opportune to review their operation and invest in condensing energy efficient type and change to LPG also.

“The starting point for us was to monitor and understand energy use throughout the hotel and then invest in specific measurable energy upgrades. We are very pleased with the energy savings achieved since 2013”, 
Gerard Moore, General Manager

Finance and funding

Total project cost: €90,000
Finance source: Internal – own resources
Additional funding: None
Simple payback time: 2.5 years (projected)
Savings verification: Energy Monitoring System from DCS


Gerard Moore
General Manager
Sligo Park Hotel


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Operations Manager
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