A high efficiency lighting retrofit was completed on Cavan multi-storey car park which reduced operating costs for the council while improving the experience for car park users.


  • 130k

    kWh of annual energy savings
  • €18,000

    Cost savings

Key achievements

Operational costs covered more easily

Before the project, in order to cover operational costs, 204 cars needed to be parked for at least one hour per day. Now only 67 cars need to park for one hour per day.

Improved operations

The new LED lights have reduced lamp maintenance requirements. Their brightness has also improved recognition of cars from CCTV.

Better environment

The project provides a more natural lighting environment. This is more attractive to users of the car park.

Energy savings

The lighting upgrades have led to into significant cost savings for the car park.

The project

 Annual energy (kWh)Annual costs (€)Annual CO2 (kg)
Before project 212,941 30,000 115,000
After project 82,941 12,000 41,000
Savings 130,000 (61% saving) 18,000 (60% saving) 74,000 (64% saving)

The main objective of the project involved the replacement of 180 W High Pressure Sodium lamps with 70 W induction lamps. This was to reduce energy requirements and improve the lighting quality. IE Lighting was selected as the contractor for the project on a design and supply contract.

The following were also carried out as part of the retrofit design:

  • Install 20 W LED lights for stairwells and lobbies, replacing 36 W CFL 2D fittings
  • Combine efficient lighting with effective lux level and timing controls
  • Maintain health, safety and security requirements
  • Promote car park use with a well-lit interior
''The car park is so much brighter now. I feel safer using it''
-- K. Shields, user of car park, Cavan Town.
’Initially, there was a requirement for 204 cars to be parked for a minimum of one hour per day to cover operational costs; this number is now 67‘’.
– Jim McQuaid, Energy Officer

Finance and funding

Total project cost: €58,500 exc. VAT
Finance support: SEAI’s Better Energy Workplaces grant
Additional funding: SEAI Better Energy Communities (BEC) Scheme
Payback time: 3.25 years simple payback
Savings verification: Temporary meter logging/ready


Jim McQuaid
Energy Officer
Cavan County Council


Eric Pepper
IE Lighting

Brian Hora
Senior Staff Officer
Cavan County Council