Bewley's have been working progressively to reduce energy consumption. This project focused on their tea and coffee manufacturing facility in Dublin.


  • 710k

    kWh of annual energy savings
  • €22,800

    Annual cost savings

Key achievements

Production increase

Production continued to increase at the Bewley’s manufacturing site, up 17% in volume for in 2012.

Significant energy savings

The projects described here yielded total energy savings of 5.4% in 2012. The facility’s carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by 109,000 kg per year.

Energy management to achieve targets

Energy management software developed in-house was installed across the site with visible, real-time monitors. Transparent reporting should ensure that energy performance targets are achieved.

Increased energy efficiency awareness

The installation of gas metering allows better monitoring and targeting of thermal energy use. This promotes awareness of energy efficiency and motivation among staff.

The project

 Annual energy (kWh)Annual costs (€)Annual CO2 (kg)
Savings achieved 710,000 (5.4% saving) 22,800 (7.8% saving) 109,000 (6% saving)

Bewley's Ltd. produced approximately 2,500 tonnes of coffee and 700 tonnes of tea in 2011. The site, where 151 staff are employed, also includes warehousing, an equipment workshop and administration offices.

For a number of years, Bewley’s has been working to progressively reduce energy consumption through both capital expenditure and behavioural measures. In January 2011, it became the first company in Ireland to have its carbon footprint calculation accredited to ISO 14064.

Lighting efficiency was addressed by replacing high-bay, metal halide fittings and twin five-foot fluorescents with low-wattage, high-frequency induction fittings. Unlike the old metal halide fittings, the new induction fittings lend themselves to sensor control.

Measures to reduce thermal energy use included addressing efficiency issues within the AHU by rebalancing the system and applying insulation to the AHU duct. In addition, the project addressed inadequate insulation on one of the roasters. Finally, gas in-line meters were installed in the plant room to monitor gas consumption of the hot water boilers and the central heating system.

“Our new lighting has contributed significantly to energy savings.” Eamonn Diver, Engineering Manager “Energy efficiency is integral to our environmental policy, as almost 50% of our carbon emissions are generated by energy consumption.” 
Kathryn Costello, Operations Director, Bewley’s Ltd.

Finance and funding

Sector: Manufacturing
Financial support: €18,835 (35% grant from SEAI)
Project cost: €53,815
Payback time: 2.4 years (or 1.6 years with grant)


Bewley's Ltd.

The project was initiated by Kathryn Costello, the Operations Director at Bewley’s, who leads the company’s Sustainability Team. Meanwhile, the project activities were managed by Eamonn Diver, the Engineering Manager, who leads the Bewley’s Green Team. They are a cross-functional unit responsible for environmental initiatives and carbon footprint reduction across the entire site.

Contractor / Supplier

Light fittings
Paul O’Connor

Insulation supplier
Michael Ball