The Monasterboice Inn completes a major energy efficient renovation project using the EXEED programme


  • 25%

  • 3.5 Years

    Approx Payback
  • 30%

    Approx Energy Savings
The monasterboice inn building and surroundings

A design-led approach to improving energy performance

Monasterboice Inn recently extended its premises by 25% to accommodate a new conference centre. The Inn is located north of Drogheda on the main Dublin Belfast route.

While planning their new conference centre, owner Roseanne Donegan and the general manager Karl Murphy realised that the stream running through their site would need to be re-piped. Their heating company Eurotech had the expertise to harness this energy and recommended they use a design-led approach to improving energy performance alongside an EXEED consultant.

EXEED is an Excellence in Energy Efficient Design certification programme which encourages innovation in how we design and manage projects - and it is driving the adoption of longer-term solutions to the energy challenges we face. The benefit of EXEED is that energy performance is considered right at the beginning of design of a new build or major upgrade project. This type of energy planning can reduce energy consumption and operational costs for the lifetime of the building. Projects that consider energy performance and energy management at the design stage of construction can save up to 30% in energy costs.

We have seen the results of a design-led approach and want to continue improving the energy performance and environmental credentials of our building. We have plans to build rooms in the same eco-friendly fashion taking account of building orientation and natural sources of power, right down to the lights being fitted to the correct lux level. All of our refrigeration units in the kitchen and the bar will be cooled from the stream in the near future.
Roseanne Donegan, Owner of the Monasterboice Inn

What was completed through the EXEED Project?

  • High grade insulation throughout the building made as airtight as possible with triple-A glazed windows.
  • Smart lighting in their conference rooms and car parks. This lighting is lux level and sensor controlled which uses far less energy.
  • The old gas boilers were replaced with heat pumps. These heat pumps provide heating and cooling to the building.
  • Hot air is extracted from the extractor fans and used to heat water. This heat was previously being wasted. Both heat systems work in tandem, using their own intelligence to choose the most efficient source on the day, depending on the climate and the building’s demand.
  • Smart controls were installed to manage the various sources of heat and cooling.

Results of EXEED

The payback on this project is expected to be three and a half years. The aesthetic and comfort of the building have been given very positive reviews by customers. The owners aim to continue their environmental efforts in the future.

EED Expert

Monasterboice Inn appointed Andy Wood from WEML as their Energy Efficient Design (EED) Expert for this project. With his support, they achieved EXEED Designed certification.