Join Alan Nolan, illustrator of “Climate SOS” for a creative art workshop this Sunday at 10.30am. Register here.

The Super Energy Activists Ireland are four kids (and one dog) who are finding out about sustainable energy and protecting the environment. Unfortunately their arch-nemesis Max Siphon and his sidekick Guzzler are determined to stop them!

Meet the characters


Communications expert

Orla's the organiser who gets the message out to everyone. She knows there is a lot they can do to save energy but that they need to get everyone involved. 


Making things expert

From bird boxes to bee hotels, Katerina is a whiz at making things to help protect biodiversity and the environment.


New technologies expert

Armed with his Ahmed-o-pedia Ahmed uses technology to research ways that their school can start reducing energy waste.


Nature expert

Jack knows the importance of protecting habitats and biodiversity, especially our native trees and pollinator plants. 


Cleverest dog in Ireland

The kids don't know it but Sparkie understands everything. He leads his own investigation to find out what's going on.

Max Siphon


A selfish, greedy energy waster Max Siphon is indifferent to the environment and only thinks of himself. 


Gullible sidekick

A well-intentioned nitwit Guzzler still has a lot to learn about reducing energy waste.

"@SEAI_ie Climate SOS emphasises the importance of PEOPLE POWER and the value of green renewable sustainable energy" Mary O'Brien Healy, Ballintleva NS

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What's in the book

Fast paced adventure

This illustrated story book will take children on a fast paced adventure. Readers will learn about sustainable energy while following the action to see if the villains or heroes will triumph!

Children's actions and activities

Each of the Super Energy Activists has their own individual expertise from technology to nature. These can be used to inspire children to take their own energy actions at home or in school.

Punchy illustrations and dialogue

This book has been written by Lucinda Jacob and illustrated by Alan Nolan for SEAI and edited by Dr Orla Kelly from DCU, St Patrick’s College. It's jam-packed with colourful images and characters to engage and interest children in alignment with the primary curriculum.

"@SEAI_ie Climate SOS is a great story that shows how children can use their voice now. A great fun link to the senior primary curriculum for both children and teachers!" Robert Nelson, Green-Schools Officer

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Creative Illustration Workshop

Join our virtual workshop with Illustrator Alan Nolan, based on the adventure storybook ‘Climate SOS’.

During the workshop you’ll get to meet the Super Energy Activists Ireland kids and learn how to draw the infamous energy-wasting monster Guzzler, as well as Sparkie, the energy-saving wonder dog.  Alan will also show you how to create your very own cool Climate SOS comic strip!

Watch now    Download comic strip

Get your own hardcopy of the book

School teachers can order a hard copy of the book for their class by emailing or borrow a school set (30 copies) from your local library. Parents and kids can also borrow their own copy from one of our listed libraries. Please download the list to see which libraries are stocking the book.

   See participating libraries