Learn all about energy with our thought provoking web quest mission. Your mission will be to investigate our energy supply and how we can sustain it.

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Learn about the different forms of energy

Your mission

There are problems with how we currently access the energy we need to heat our homes, travel to work and school, and run our factories and businesses. We are relying on an energy supply that will soon run out!

Your mission is to investigate the below topics:

  1. What are the differences between renewable and non-renewable sources of energy
  2. When will we run out of non-renewable sources of energy
  3. How can we ensure we have a sustainable energy supply

You will then prepare a presentation that you would be happy to deliver to a top level cabinet team in our government.

As part of your mission, you will need to design a poster to support your presentation and write a letter to the government outlining your research findings.

How it works

Get into teams of 4 to 5 students and assign the following roles:

  • Group Leader - Responsible for managing the group and making sure everyone is doing their fair share of work.
  • Research Coordinator - Responsible for making sure all the necessary research is carried out by the group so that you can create your poster, do your presentation and write your letter.
  • Energy Expert - Responsible for taking notes and reporting on some interesting facts such as how much energy we use, our sources of energy and the benefits of renewable energy sources.
  • Environmental Expert - Responsible for taking notes and reporting on the differences between our energy sources.
  • Conservation Expert - Responsible for taking notes and reporting on why and how we can conserve our energy sources.


  1. Your teacher will give your team one source of renewable energy and one source of non-renewable energy to research
  2. Prepare a short presentation. Your team will prepare a short presentation on your research findings that you would be happy to present to a top level cabinet team in the government. 
  3. Design a poster of how non-renewable energy is formed. Photos, drawings and videos often work much better at getting your point across so feel free to use multimedia content.
  4. Practice your presentation in front of your own class.
  5. Write a letter to the government. Explain why we are running out of energy, how we can conserve our non-renewable sources of energy and how we can sustain our energy supply in the future.

Research help

We have compiled a list of websites, videos and factsheets that will help you on your mission. We have broken them into different categories of energy sources. Remember to take notes while you are browsing.

Use PCMs 11 and 12 (research templates) to take notes. The questions asked will help you with your poster, your presentation and your letter.