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Renewable Electricity Corporate Power Purchase Agreements

Policy options for meeting Ireland’s target of 15% of demand to be met by renewable energy sources under CPPAs

Deadline extended

In order to facilitate the widest possible response, SEAI has extended the consultation deadline until Wednesday April 14th.

About CPPAs

The Climate Action Plan 2019 sets a target that, by 2030, 15% of electricity consumption should come from renewable electricity contracted under corporate power purchase agreements by. A corporate power purchase agreement is where a company procures renewable electricity through a direct agreement with a renewable electricity developer.

By entering into a direct agreement with a renewable electricity developer through a power purchase agreement, a corporate company increases the amount of renewable electricity produced in Ireland and reduces the greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity generation, at a lower total cost to consumers and the State.

Informing policy

SEAI are assisting Government with a study to inform policy on how best to develop the market for corporate PPA’s to reach the target articulated in the Climate Action Plan. SEAI are working with consultants Baringa Partners to execute the study and a steering group is overseeing the work.

Bargina Partners have already engaged with industry stakeholders and have produced a detailed report on the suite of policy options that are available to support the uptake of corporate PPA’s for renewable electricity.

Consulation process

SEAI would now like to consult with industry stakeholders on the policy options outlined within the Baringa report. We have drafted a consultation paper providing an overview of the considerations in developing policy options and invite interested and affected parties to review this paper, in conjunction with the study report.

Please respond to the consultation questions in Section 4 of the paper.

Respond by e-mail to: by 14th April 2021.


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