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Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan (OREDP) II Consultation

The Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications in Ireland is updating the Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan (OREDP I). OREDPII is a national, sectoral document intended to provide strategic guidance for the enduring sustainable deployment of offshore renewable energy. OREDP II updates OREDP I which was published in 2014 and which set out key principles, actions and enablers needed to harness offshore renewable energy. OREDP II takes account of significant developments in policy, legislation and regulation and the availability of additional marine data since the publication of OREDP I (and its interim review in 2018).

OREDP II is being brought forward as part of the development and implementation of a new integrated forward planning framework of/for Marine Planning for/in Ireland. It is intended to provide the evidence base to support the identification of areas most suitable for the sustainable development of offshore renewable energy in Ireland’s maritime area, which will happen at later stages in the planning framework.

As part of the preparation of the OREDP II, and in accordance with the requirements of S.I. No. 435 of 2004, an environmental report is required identify, describe and evaluate the likely significant effects on the environment of implementing the OREDPII, and reasonable alternatives taking account of the objectives and the geographical scope of the OREDPII.

Consultation on the OREDPII and environmental reports is now open until 21st April 2023. A digital version of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) report is available

SEAI Virtual Tour | Explore in 360° ( and there are consultation questions in part 4 of the digital report. Feedback can also be provided to

All documentation related to the OREDPII are available at the following location:

EV Apartment Charger Grant Support Scheme

This consultation is now closed

Transport Minister Eamon Ryan welcomed a SEAI public consultation on EV charging infrastructure for apartments and strongly urged residents and management companies to take part and make their views known.

You can watch back our webinar where we discussed details about the proposed programme and the proposed two-tiered approach to providing grant support.

Overview of Proposed Scheme

It is estimated that 80% of annual EV charging is done at a driver’s home location. Therefore, widespread availability of residential charging at all locations is a critical requirement. Firstly, support will be provided to the Owners' Management Companies (OMCs) to install the electrical network and any shared chargers. Secondly, each resident will be provided with support to install a charge point to connect to the local Apartment/Multi-Unit Development (MUD) charging network.

Please also see the following documents:

View the programme overview

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