Report 1 - Insights from structured interviews with heat pump installers

Behavioural Insights for Policy series: Primary research  

Year: 2024 

Topic: Heat pump adoption 

Methodology: Interviews

Author: SEAI Behavioural Economics Unit  


To accelerate heat decarbonisation through heat pump adoption in heat pump ready oil-heated homes, SEAI’s Behavioural Economics Unit conducted two pieces of research in 2022: (a) interviews with SEAI-registered heat pump installers, the findings of which are the subject of this report and (b) survey of a sample of target homeowners, including a choice experiment to estimate willingness to pay for heat pumps, the results of which are summarised in a separate report .

This report summarises installer views on the main barriers and drivers of heat pump adoption in target homes, and on potential interventions to encourage further uptake. A number of policy recommendations are made based on the findings. 

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