Home Energy Events: Leveraging peer effects to increase the installation of energy efficiency measures in Ireland

Behavioural Insights for Policy series: Primary research 

Year: 2020 

Topic: Home retrofit 

Methodology: Field trial | Survey | Interviews 

Author: SEAI Behavioural Economics Unit 


A number of studies show peer effects in the adoption of energy efficiency upgrades. Based on this, SEAI’s Behavioural Economics Unit designed a pilot intervention which involved running home energy events where people from the local community invited their neighbours, friends, and family to their homes to learn more about the importance of energy upgrades. This report examines the potential for these home energy events to increase the number of energy efficiency upgrades. Results from surveys and interviews indicated that the programme was successful in generating awareness and engagement. However, this did not translate into action, with very few hosts or guests installing home energy upgrades after a three-month follow-up period.