The IEA ETSAP community leads a major initiative for open source solutions for energy scenario modeling needs.

Executive Committee

The Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program (ETSAP) promotes and supports the application of technical economic tools at the global, national and local levels, with focus on the development of the TIMES integrated energy system modelling platform. It aims at preparing sustainable strategies for economic development, energy security, climate change mitigation and environment. The Contracting Parties conduct joint research and employ the ETSAP Tools to advise their national governments at the highest levels.

Prof. Brian Ó Gallachóir (UCC) is the Chair of the ETSAP TCP Executive Committee, and the Executive Committee representative for Ireland. Pádraig Daly is the Alternative Executive Committee representative for Ireland.

For further information, please visit the IEA ETSAP TCP webpage.

Pádraig Daly

Senior Energy Modeller

Pádraig leads the electricity system aspects of SEAI’s National Energy Modelling Framework (NEMF). He has experience in transmission system planning and a PhD in power system engineering from UCD.



Annex XVI - Aligning energy security with zero emissions energy systems

The aim of this Annex is to maintain, update and improve TIMES and VEDA, to increase the transparency, openness and affordability of the TIMES model, to maintain, extend and improve international and national capabilities on the use of ETSAP’ tools, across developed and developing countries; and to increase availability of online user’s support systems including tutorials, user’s forums, manuals and reference material.

The Representatives for Annex 15 are Prof. Brian Ó Gallachóir (University College Cork) and Dr. Hannah Daly (University College Cork).

For further information about the Annex, please visit the IEA ETSAP TCP webpage.

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