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Energy research is vital for building a clean and more secure energy future for Ireland. Our research section provides details on research projects and funding in Ireland.

What we do

SEAI aims to improve the coherence of Irish energy research and development. This will help us build a cleaner and more secure energy future, while enhancing our knowledge economy.

See how our research team supports Irish and international energy projects.

About SEAI research

National Energy Research and Policy Conference 2023

Achieving Sustainable Energy Security

September 14th 2023

Find out more about National Energy Research and Policy Conference 2023

National energy research database

Discover a wide array of Irish energy research projects. Find the companies, academic institutions, research institutes and researchers who work in energy research and innovation.

Discover research projects
SEAI_ie  SEAIResearch The SEAI National Energy Research Funding Call is now open for 2023! This programme invests in innovative energy R…