SEAI has a lead role in providing comprehensive national and sectoral energy statistics. This is vital for international reporting obligations, guiding policy, and informing investment decisions.

About SEAI statistics

SEAI has a specialist statistics team which was set up in 2002. We collect and publish national energy statistics for Ireland.

The statistics team inform evidence based decision making and sustainable energy solutions. We provide policy relevant research, guidance, robust evidence and statistics.

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Statistics production

Our statistics team are committed to quality. We always strive to ensure accurate, detailed statistics. Find out how we ensure publication of high quality, robust energy statistics.

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Conversion Factors

Energy is delivered in many different fuels and sources. It can be expressed in terms of volume, mass, energy or emissions. Use our conversion factors to compare and aggregate energy types.

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Energy data

Our energy data portal shows how Ireland has used energy historically across different fuels and sectors. You can also view how energy use is projected to change out to 2030.

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