Energy Theatre talks

Wednesday, 20th March

This briefing will provide an update on the upcoming Home Energy Upgrade Loan Scheme and other financing models available for home upgrades in the market.


Join us for the ZEVI EV Dealership of the Year Award 2024. The overall winner will be announced and there will be a panel discussion with the four regional winners. The awards recognise excellence in dealerships in the promotion and encouragement of EV uptake. 

The winners of the 2024 Product of the Show will be presented with their awards.

Briefing on the current business supports available to SMEs. This briefing will cover the educational and financial supports available to SMEs on their energy efficiency journey. It will include an overview of the Energy Academy, Energy Management Training, Support Scheme for Energy Audits and financial supports such as the Non-domestic Microgeneration Scheme, EV supports and the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat.

This energy theatre session will introduce the Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EEOS) to businesses and public sector bodies. The session will cover how the EEOS scheme operates, will explain who the Obligated Parties (OPs) are, what supports OPs can offer, examples of supports they have already offered to Irish businesses and public sector organisations as part of the scheme and the eligibility criteria to be met. There will be two guest speakers joining the session- the first will be a testimonial from an Irish business/public sector organisation who has carried out a project with support from an OP and the second will be a contribution from an OP representative, providing further information on supports available and the overall process structure. A number of the OPs will be in attendance and will be available to discuss potential projects with attendees following the session.

The session will highlight the role of the Market Surveillance Authority within SEAI and how a level playing field is maintained for Economic Operators in respect of EU Ecodesign, Energy Labelling and Tyre Labelling Regulation through compliance monitoring, verification, and promotion. Ecodesign and Energy Labelling will account for significant energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions reductions across the European Union by 2030. It is estimated that 1533-Terawatt Hour of energy and 160 Million Tonnes of CO2 equivalent will be saved annually by 2030. The list of products that fall under the MSA’s remit include many building service products and industrial products. All products covered use significant amounts of energy in an EU context.

There will be practical steps outlined for importers/distributors to ensure that they are in compliance with Ecodesign and Energy Labelling legislation and what the compliance process looks like in practical terms. The benefits of registering products on the Triple E register and procuring from it will be highlighted.

Thursday 21st March

This session will outline how Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) can help organisations across the public and private sectors deliver guaranteed energy savings and achieve their decarbonisation targets. There will be an introduction to EPCs and an overview of how the contractual arrangement between the beneficiary and the provider of the energy efficient improvement measure works in practical terms. The different contract types involved and how they differ from traditional works contracts and their benefits in relation to energy upgrade projects. The key steps involved in project implementation and delivery, such as project financing, procurement and risk management will also be highlighted. The Energy Contracting Support Scheme, which provides funding supports for organisation in need of external expertise to assist with project delivery will be outlined. These include EPC Facilitator training for Energy Auditors wishing to be included on SEAI’s upcoming register of EPC facilitators and clients wanting to familiarise themselves further with the EPC  process.

The findings to date of the ZEVI EV Commercial Fleet Trial will be presented as well as a panel discussion from some participants. There also be a fireside chat with Mike Keane of Hibra Design on decarbonising heavy vehicles.

An understandable ‘farm to fork’ description of Ireland’s national energy system, covering where our energy comes from (imports, own-production, etc.) and where it goes (transport, residential sector, industry activity, etc.). The presentation will cover the past, present, and future trends in Ireland’s energy, by blending measured statistics with modelled projections. We will show how Ireland is performing against national emission targets, European renewable energy share targets, and highlight what technologies and policies are helping us towards emission reductions.

The winners of the 2024 Product of the Show will present on their winning products.

Opportunity for businesses to book in sessions with SEAI staff to discuss the supports available to SMEs on their energy efficiency journey.

The session will focus on the anticipated launch of the non-domestic retrofit scheme, ideally timed before or during the Energy show. The briefing will offer insights into the retrofit support options for businesses and public sector entities. It aims to deliver comprehensive information through background analysis, showcasing case studies, and highlighting examples of businesses that exemplify best practices in retrofitting.

This presentation will provide the latest insights into conversions from fossil fuel heating to heat pumps in Irish homes and describe the ongoing trial with heat pumps in high-HLI homes.  Heat pumps play a key role in Ireland’s strategy to decarbonise residential heating. In this session we present recent behavioural insights into the drivers behind, and barriers to, the uptake of heat pumps, give an assessment of the current state of heat pumps installed in the Irish dwelling stock, and describe an ongoing pilot project to explore broadening SEAI’s heat pump grant support to more homes.

CPD Accredited Seminars

Wednesday 20th Seminars

Industry Pathways to Net Zero 11am-1pm Minerva Suite
Navigating EU Funding Opportunities for SMEs 11:30am- 2:30pm Merrion Room
Careers in Energy Retrofit: Session 1 2pm-4pm Merrion Room
Digital Innovations to Enable Scale in the Domestic Retrofit Market 2:30pm-4pm Minerva Suite

Thursday 21st Seminars


Pathways to becoming a One Stop Shop

10:30am-11:30am Lansdowne Room
Traditional Buildings – Guidance and Research 11am-1pm Minerva Suite
Developing Supply Chains for Public Sector Retrofitting 11am-1pm Merrion Room

Careers in Energy Retrofit – Session 2

2pm-4pm Merrion Room
Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality 2:30pm-4pm Minerva Suite

Women in Energy Event

Wednesday 20th March, Merrion Room, First Floor, RDS, Dublin 4

This year's topic is 'Creative Communication in driving Climate Action – Perspective from female leaders'.
We will hear about the challenges and opportunities that need to be explored in engaging people with climate action. We will be joined from female leaders across the energy and climate action areas to discuss the importance of this, and their own experiences in leading and supporting creative climate communication efforts. We’ll also hear about their career journeys, and how mentors have supported them on those journeys.

Best Practice Demo Arena

The Best Practice Demonstration Arena at the Energy Show is a major feature that brings to life all the concepts, theories and aspirations relating to deep retrofit, NZEB, sustainability, regulation compliance, and contracting excellence.

The demos cover all the key elements of construction excellence with live presentations on fabric, insulation, heat pumps, hot water, ventilation, air-tightness and solar. The presentations run at set times throughout both days of the show.

Wednesday 20 MarchThursday 21 March

Session 1: 10.15am
Session 2: 12:45pm
Session 3: 3pm

Session 1: 10:30am
Session 2: 12:30pm
Session 3: 3pm