Getting Started on the EXEED Journey? Join our seminar on Wednesday 27th March at the SEAI Energy Show and learn how to put together a winning application. Suited to both private and public sector organisations.

Wednesday 27th March, Minerva Suite, RDS, 4.30pm to 6pm


4.30pm - 4.50pm

Completing Stage 1 & Stage 2 Applications

  • Registration and application documentation
  • Using the EXEED guidelines to navigate the application process
  • Securing and providing supporting evidence
  • Justifying professional services fees
  • Managing your SEAI mentor
  • Submitting an application
  • What happens now that you have a Letter of Offer’?
Jason Doherty, SEAI, EXEED Programme

Insights into the Application Evaluation Process

  • What is the evaluation criteria used in assessing an Application?
  • Minimum standards and scores required
  • What happens if an Application does not meet minimum standards?
  • The role of ‘External Technical’ assessment in the evaluation process

John Mullaney, SEAI, EXEED Programme

5.10pm - 5.30pm

Understanding and Applying the Principles of IS 399 :Energy Efficiency Design (EED)

  • What are the core principles of IS 399?
  • How does IS 399 relate to the EXEED Standard?
  • Demonstrating use of the ‘Challenge & Analyse ‘Matrix’
  • Quantifying the results of EED
  • EED as a basis for Certification
Liam Tolton, Second Sight Technical

Preparing for a Successful Inspection Process

  • Why an Inspection process is necessary
  • Who conducts the inspections?
  • What are the key requirements of a site Inspection?
  • What happens if problems are found or if the inspection does not pass?
Emma Zubia, SEAI Inspections Dept

Making a Claim for the EXEED Grant

  • What documentary evidence is required when making a grant claim?
  • What happens if my Claim has problems?
  • Is there a time limit on making an EXEED Grant Claim?
  • When is the funding transferred to the Applicant?
John King, SEA Legal & Contracts Dept

Typical Audience

This seminar is suitable for a broad range of both private and public service organisations who are actively considering applying for the EXEED grant.

  • Stage 1 Applications for Professional Services
  • Stage 2 Applications for CAPEX


  1. Professionals such as EED Experts, Mentors and Solutions Providers, offering technical support services, will find insights to guide and assist their Clients.
  2. Applicants, Technical Supporting Professionals and Finance Managers will be better equipped to engage with the requirements of the Inspection and Grant Claim process.