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Day One: Upgrading our building stock

Day one focused on the supply chain and professionals delivering building energy upgrades for whom there are significant opportunities to expand.

Opening Plenary - Upgrading our Building Stock - The challenges and opportunities

9:30 - 10:30am

Launching this year's SEAI Energy Show, Minister Eamon Ryan opened our first event of the 2021 Show. William Walsh, CEO of SEAI, also gave a keynote address on ambitions for upgrading our building stock. A panel chaired by Declan Meally, with contributions from Brian Montayne, Michael Curran, Jacqui Donnelly and Henry Sheahan discussed the challenges and opportunities with upgrading our homes and buildings to targeted energy efficiency standards.

Guest Speakers

  • Minister Eamon Ryan
  • William Walsh, CEO at SEAI
  • Brian Montayne, ESB Heat
  • Michael Curran, CIBSE
  • Henry Sheahan, National Insulation Association
  • Jacqui Donnelly, Department of Culture, Heritage & the Gaeltacht
Watch Day 1 Plenary here

The Paradigm Shift in Lighting Design Practice


This session is brought to you by the Lighting Association of Ireland. It entails the fundamental change to lighting system design. This paradigm shift is based on lighting the space rather than just focussing on the visual task. It delivers uniform illumination on a horizontal working place. This will also impact on product design and is regarded by all in the industry as a primary topic of concern. Dr Kevin Kelly (from Ireland) will act as Chair/Facilitator in a discussion with two world-renowned lighting experts — Kit Cuttle (from New Zealand) and Peter Boyce (the UK).

Guest Speakers

  • Dr Kevin Kelly will act as Chair/Facilitator
  • Kit Cuttle (from New Zealand)
  • Peter Boyce (the UK)

These are world-renowned lighting experts who command huge respect (and generally attract large audiences) when they make presentations.

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National Retrofit Programme & Delivery through One Stop Shops

10:45am - 12:00pm

This live event aimed at the supply chain will discuss SEAI's development of the National Retrofit Programme, with presentations from key speakers Declan Meally on the Natiional Retrofit Programe, Rob Deegan from Department of Climate, on the National Retrofit Task Force, Josephine Maguire, SEAI, on 'One Stop Shops', and Paddy Sweeney (REIL) and Declan Daly (Tipperary Energy Agency) on their participation and  market experience to date.

Guest Speakers

  • Rob Deegan, Department of Environment, Climate & Communications
  • Declan Meally, SEAI
  • Josepine Maguire, SEAI
  • Paddy Sweeney, REIL
  • Declan Daly, SuperHomes
Watch this National Retrofit Programme Delivery session here

Building the Energy Upgrade Supply Chain

12:00 - 1:00pm

This session is focussed on the skills requirements for the building energy upgrade supply chain. We will hear from the Heat Pump Association of Ireland on meeting the challenge of 400,000 heat pumps installed by 2030, and on ETB training supports. We will also hear from contractors and architects on what skills they have brought in to deliver a specified BER outcome and to deliver on targets.

Guest Speakers

  • Caroline Ashe, KORE
  • Michael Hanratty, Chairperson of HPA
  • Tomás O Leary, Passive House
  • Andre Negri, Architect, MRIAI
Watch Building the Energy Upgrade Supply Chain here

Critical Areas surrounding the Specification and Installation of Commercial Heat Pump Projects

1:10 - 1:50pm

This session is brought to you by the Heat Pump Association. While domestic heat pump installations are running relatively smoothly overall, the growing awareness of their use in commercial applications has seen a sharp rise in consultants looking for information, advice and guidance on specifying commercial heat pump projects. They are keen to collaborate with, and learn more from, HPA and its members, as they are being consulted more and more about it but have little or no experience of doing so.

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Driving the Retrofit of our Non Domestic Building Stock

2:00 -3:30pm

This event will begin with an update from SEAI’s Orla Coyle on policy driving Non Domestic Retrofit. SEAI's Head of Business and Public Sector, Fergus Sharkey, will chair a panel discussion discussing the level of ambition, delivery mechanisms and supply chain required to meet Non Domestic retrofit targets. The session will close with a series of case studies.

Guest Speakers:

  • John Dolan, Department of Education
  • Jim O’Sullivan, OPW
  • Emma Leonard, Department of Further and Higher Education
  • Peter Smyth, HSE
  • Eoin O’Grady, Healy Architects
  • Richard Rice, Healy Architects
  • Bosco Clarke, Moloney Fox Consulting
  • John Burgess, Arup Consulting Engineers
  • Rachael McGinley, Head of Sustainability, CBRE
  • Fergus Sharkey, SEAI
  • Orla Coyle, SEAI
Watch this Non Domestic Retrofit session now

Communicating and Engaging With Homeowners on their Upgrade Journey


This session will explore the role of the newly updated BER advisory report in assisting homeowner upgrade decisions, and how the supply chain can speak to customers about upgrading their homes in a meaningful way. We will hear from Brian McIntyre, SEAI, on the advisory report, from a BER assessor on their role as independent energy consultant/advisor, then from Karl Purcell of SEAI behavioural economics team, who will go over the behavioural tools that can help encourage customers to take action on efficiency. Finally, Aleesha Tully, a communications expert from TBWA will discuss findings from recently completed research on consumer understanding and motivations for home retrofit.

Guest Speakers

  • Brian McIntyre, SEAI
  • Brendan Sidney, BuildCert
  • Karl Purcell, SEAI
  • Aleesha Tully, TBWA
Watch the Engaging with Homeowners recording

Day Two: Pathway to Net Zero

Day two will focus on businesses and public sector energy users who are learning to reduce their energy use and decarbonise their business for the long term.

Opening Plenary - Pathway to Net Zero

9:30 - 10:45am

Day two of the SEAI Energy Show will launch with an opening address from Tánaiste Leo Varadkar and will follow with a keynote address from William Walsh CEO of SEAI on decarbonising our business and public sectors. Daniel Murray, journalist with the Business Post, will discuss how climate change is bringing opportunities for businesses who take action. Daniel will then chair a panel discussion on the subject of the pathway to net zero, with Fergus Sharkey, Head of Business and Public Sector in SEAI, Yvonne Holmes, Chief Sustainability Officer with AIB, Garrett Bridgeman, Managing Director of An Post Commerce and Barbara Anne Richardson, Corporate Affairs Manager at Heineken.

Guest Speakers

  • Leo Varadkar, TD, Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment
  • William Walsh, CEO at SEAI
  • Daniel Murray, Business Post
  • Fergus Sharkey, Head of Business and Public Sector, SEAI
  • Yvonne Holmes, Chief Sustainability Officer, AIB
  • Garrett Bridgeman, Managing Director, An Post Commerce
  • Barbara Anne Richardson, Corporate Affairs Manager – Communications and Sustainability, Heineken
Watch the recording of the Day 2 Plenary

Achieving Business Decarbonisation

11:00am- 12:00pm

This session, chaired by Dearbhla Stapleton, SEAI, will discuss how to achieve Ireland's 2030 business decarbonisation targets with three key presentations and a live Q&A. Kevin Brady (Dept of Environment, Climate and Communications) will discuss existing and emerging policy and how it affects business. Shane Conneely (Chambers Ireland) will discuss the challenges and opportunities of decarbonising businesses. Finally, Rachel Turner (SSE Airtricity) will present a case study on how their business went about setting ambitious and measurable decarbonisation targets.

Guest Speakers

  • Kevin Brady, Department of Environment, Climate & Communications
  • Shane Conneely, Chambers Ireland
  • Rachel Turner, SSE
  • Dearbhla Stapleton, SEAI
Watch Achieving Business Decarbonisation now

Inspirational Climate Leadership

12:15 - 1:00pm

Fergus Sharkey (Head of Business and Public Sector, SEAI) will host an interview and live Q&A with two businesses who are leading the way on climate action. Ian Ryan from Wyeth Nutrition and Shaun McKevitt, MD from Terra Spirits and Liquers will share insights from their decarbonisation journeys.

Guest Speakers

  • Ian Ryan, Wyeth Nutrition
  • Shaun McKevitt, Terra Spirits
Watch the Inspirational Climate Leadership session

The Role of Bioenergy in Decarbonising Ireland

1:10 - 1:50pm

This session will start by outlining the role of bioenergy in decarbonising the heat, transport and electricity sectors. This presentation will highlight the current situation regarding bioenergy deployment in Ireland and the potential across the three sectors. It will cover the role of biomass, biogas, biofuels, wood fuels and energy crops. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with contributions from  three panelists from the bioenergy industry who will articulate their own practical experience from working in the sector. The session will be chaired by Sean Finan, IrBEA CEO.

Guest Speakers

  • Sean Finan, IrBEA – Chair
  • Paddy Phelan, CEO 3CEA and IrBEA President
  • Teresa Patton, Green Generation
  • Noel Gavigan, IrBEA Technical Executive
Watch this Bioenergy session now

Public Sector Leadership

2:15 - 3:00pm

Three leaders in the public sector will participate in this panel discussion and Q&A on the challenges they have faced in setting targets and working towards these goals.

Guest Speakers

  • Samantha Fahy, DCU
  • Mary Gilsenan, DECC
  • Peter Smyth, HSE
Watch the Public Sector Leadership recording here

On Demand Content

Energy Theatre and Industry Bulletins

Throughout the two day event there will be a vast range of on demand content for you to access at any time and up to one month after the event. One benefit of accessing the on demand content over the two days of the event is that you can participate in a Q&A.

Watch a playlist of all the sessions here

Energy Theatre - On Demand

Log in at any time over the two days to view SEAI's curated selection of hot topics and crucial items to upskill on in your journey to decarbonisation.

This is an introduction to SEAI EXEED (Excellence in Energy Efficient Design) - the process and the grant support available. It will highlight how SEAI EXEED can help businesses achieve their energy and sustainability goals. This webinar gives you an understanding of what grant support is available, who should apply and how to get started.

This session will cover the benefits of the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat  and provide an introduction to businesses who have benefitted from this scheme.

This short session will take you on a tour of the SEAI Energy Academy, an online training portal and cover some of its modules, and how to use it.

This webinar showcases the latest evidence on “Encouraging heat pump installations in Ireland” from our recent Behavioural Insights Series Paper of the same name. Experts from SEAI’s Behavioural Economics Unit detail the behavioural barriers and drivers of heat pump adoption, concluding with a number of recommendations for heat pump designers, installers, manufacturers, and policymakers.

Raoul Empey will do an introduction to SEAI's 'Carbon Basics' training for organisations. He will discuss the drivers for change and update on upcoming sessions organisations can avail of.

A high level overview of the process of Energy Auditing focussed at SMEs who want to figure out and manage their energy use, and the benefits to completing an energy audit.

Liam Tolton will present on energy management training, what that means, its benefits, and how to get started. He will also cover business training supports offered by SEAI.

Conor Molloy will present on how organisations can decarbonise their fleet, their options for reducing emissions, the benefits and what supports are available.

This business briefing helps SMEs to find out how we at SEAI can support your business, help you save money, and prepare you for the low carbon future.

Two members of the heating committee will present on the recently published SR50-1 heating standard. A panel discussion will follow with Paul Martin, Programme Manager - Technical Solutions with SEAI and two plumbers to discuss the practical implications.

The new heat pump standard, published in February will be discussed in this panel session lead by Paul Martin, Programme Manager - Technical Solutions - SEAI

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Industry Bulletins - On Demand

Hear from the leading Energy Associations on best practice for all the key technologies for the energy transition

Watch a playlist of all the sessions here

The briefing will cover updates on the geothermal sector in Ireland comprising a series of short videos to present the latest version of the best practice guidance on the installation of ground source heat pumps produced by the Geothermal Association of Ireland in line with the new NSAI Standard Recommendation S.R. 50-4:2021. Videos will also present updates from ongoing EU, SEAI and GSI funded geothermal projects in Ireland as well as showcasing the recent geothermal policy developments in GSI and DECC that will support the development of the sector in Ireland.

ISEA CEO, Conall Bolger, will discuss Ireland’s progress in decarbonising its electricity system and consider the potential future contribution from solar energy. Bolger will review the current policy framework for the solar industry at both utility and customer (microgeneration/behind the meter) scale. Bolger will examine the potential forthcoming changes that may support solar at scale.”

Wood fuels are an efficient low carbon fuel. However, they must be manufactured to the correct quality parameters to ensure efficient combustion and to limit emissions of particulate matter. This year the RED II directive sets out strict requirements for the protection of ecosystems, water courses and the forestry resource and these are to be fully incorporated into the Wood Fuel Quality Assurance Scheme (WFQA). In 2009, the WFQA was set up to promote, educate and certify wood fuel quality in Ireland. A fundamental component of the SEAI administrated Support Scheme for Renewable Heat (SSRH) is the use of certified certified fuels. In this briefing, the Irish Bioenergy Association (IrBEA) will provide full details of the WFQA, the importance of wood fuel quality and how wood fuels can be manufactured to the correct EU quality standards.

This session will provide a clear and simple overview of the standard followed by five interesting unknowns about Passive House standard. These include pertinent topics such as health, Covid 19, climate change, microgrids and how Ireland is delivering world class passive house projects.

This session is directed at end users/customers, communities/cooperatives, public sector bodies, policy makers, non-technical audience.IrDEA will present an overview of what is district heating, why district heating in Ireland, and what needs to happen in order for district heating to play a part in our low-carbon heating system for 2030. It is relevant for attendees in order to overcome the knowledge gap on district heating in Ireland, and explain how it works and the benefits in simple non-technical language.

EIFI members play a critical role in everything that goes in to making all types of buildings functional, energy-efficient and safe. Everything from indoor air comfort through to heating, ventilation, lighting etc is now integrated and so when it comes to energy-efficiencies and carbon reduction, EIFI members play a critical role in delivering the objectives as set out in the Government's Climate Action Plan and EU Green Deal and Renovation Wave initiatives. Consultants, contractors, system designers and product suppliers will all gain insights from this presentation.

Best Practice Demos

On demand

Learn from key industry professional on best practice in key technologies in these on site, high quality, easy to understand 5 minute demonstrations.

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