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About the Award

This award recognises the use of digital technology such as BIM, building energy simulation, SMART building technology/ analytics, manufacturing techniques (Circular Economy) to reduce the whole life cycle carbon emissions of a building.

Who should apply?

Those within the construction and management of buildings industries. All types of contractors , design team members, building management companies (public and private), SMART building consultants and contractors and manufacturers.


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Application guidelines

  1. Please submit your application online by 5pm Friday 7th July.
  2. You are eligible to apply under more than one category. Simply follow the online guidelines and copy and paste your application to a new category and amend your answers as appropriate.
  3. Please ensure all mandatory fields are completed before you hit submit.
  4. Please complete the 'Data' section to the best of your ability.
  5. Once you submit, you can still edit your application up to the deadline date.
  6. Please keep attachments to 5MB or less.
  7. Shortlisted applications will be announced in August.
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