This award celebrates organisations and initiatives which have demonstrated leadership and/or innovation in decarbonising transport.

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About the Award

This category recognises exemplary performance and innovation in low emissions transport.

Applications should demonstrate how the project/trial/initiative/company explicitly achieves exemplary performance and/or innovation in low emissions transport.

Applicants should detail the decarbonisation of transport through means such as:

  • modal shift,
  • active and shared travel,
  • improved efficiency in transport activities,
  • electrification of transport,
  • affecting behavioural change,
  • educational campaigns,
  • innovation
  • and design or implementation of innovative technologies.

Who should apply?

This award celebrates organisations and initiatives which have demonstrated leadership and/or innovation in decarbonising transport.

Previous project finalists under this category include:


FREE NOW is a multi-mobility app offering a taxi-hailing service. A dedicated team focused on transitioning the taxi fleet to EV’s. This enabled FREE NOW to focus on what was deterring drivers from switching. Their goal was to find solutions to those challenges. Starting with a successful EV roadshow in Dublin, they expanded around the country. These events provide all the information drivers needed to make the switch to an EV. The project has been hugely successful to date. 89% of 2022 cars added this year have been electric. They are saving 824,000 kg of C02 since the project commenced. This project is the first of its kind and scale in the country and across Europe. For FREE NOW, this was and is an investment made in the future, with real, measurable, and tangible benefits. These benefits do not just impact a single stakeholder. They are multi-faceted- regarding climate change, driver sustainability and passenger choice. 


Bleeper, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council, Smart Dún Laoghaire and Enable Research 

Bleeper is a micromobility service provider specialising in shared public bikes. The eCargobikes for Businesses project is a pilot scheme. It enables local businesses and organisations to trial eCargobikes at a subsidised rate. The collaborative approach was critical to the success of this project. Local authorities, private businesses and researchers came together. Reducing traffic congestion, carbon emissions and air pollution. The core aim is to encourage and enable the adoption of eCargobikes. This provides businesses with a sustainable alternative to using cars and vans. It tackles the primary barriers to eCargobike ownership in Ireland. Cost, perception, and practicality. The first eCargobike pilot was launched in Dún Laoghaire in May 2021. Since then, more than 40 local businesses have trialled eCargobikes across Dublin. There is currently an over-demand for the bikes. This has led to councils already exploring how to expand the scheme.  


Dublin Airport 

Dublin Airport is Ireland's main aviation gateway. They implemented a Low Emission Vehicle Policy in 2019. This outlines their commitment to reducing their vehicle emissions. They have a current fleet of 35 electric vehicles. They have installed charging infrastructure on-site and electrifying their bus fleet.  This has led to a sustainable airside operation. It removes fossil fuel ground-powered units and improves air quality.   The cost reduction and efficiency improvements associated are particularly unique and substantial.  Dublin Airport was designated carbon neutral in 2020.  


McCulla (Ireland) Ltd 

McCulla (Ireland) Ltd is a family-owned temperature-controlled storage and distribution company. The company has developed a circular economy. This is a closed loop from food waste to fertiliser using the Anaerobic Digestion plant. This plant enables the company to produce its electricity from food waste. The bio-methane gas generated is used to power their transport vehicles. These first vehicles are just the beginning. McCulla aims to phase out diesel in favour of biogas. Their aim is to further reduce emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. McCulla’s sustainable transport model is an extremely powerful message for the industry. If a relatively small family-owned operator from Ireland can do it, so can others. 

Application guidelines

  1. Please submit your application online by 5pm Friday 7th July.
  2. You are eligible to apply under more than one category. Simply follow the online guidelines and copy and paste your application to a new category and amend your answers as appropriate.
  3. Please ensure all mandatory fields are completed before you hit submit.
  4. Please complete the 'Data' section to the best of your ability.
  5. Once you submit, you can still edit your application up to the deadline date.
  6. Please keep attachments to 5MB or less.
  7. Shortlisted applications will be announced in August.
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