Supporting the upgrade of homes, community buildings and businesses right across Ireland to become more energy efficient and reduce costs.

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About the grant scheme

The Community Grant programme supports new approaches to achieving energy efficiency in Irish communities. Each year SEAI supports multiple community projects across Ireland, managed by registered SEAI Project Co-ordinators.

Who benefits?

We aim to deliver energy savings to

  • homeowners
  • community groups
  • private sector organisations
  • public sector bodies

Communities are improving the energy efficiency of shared community buildings such as GAA clubs, libraries and sports halls. Commercial organisations are becoming more competitive through reduced energy costs. In addition, homes are being upgraded making them more comfortable and helping alleviate the effects of energy poverty.

Upgrades can take place across building types to reduce energy use and costs throughout the community.

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What we fund

Projects supported

Successful Community projects must demonstrate some or all of the following characteristics.

  • Community benefits
  • Multiple elements, not a single focus
  • Mix of sustainable solutions
  • Innovation and project ambition
  • Justified energy savings
  • An ability to deliver the project

Measures supported

This list outlines the types of measures we want to support through the Communities grant programme.

  • Building Fabric Upgrades
  • Technology and System upgrades
  • Integration of Control Systems
  • Integration of renewable energy sources
  • Domestic Combined Fabric Upgrade
  • Single Building Demonstration projects will be considered under the Communities Grant.

How the programme works

All projects should be community oriented with a cross-sectoral approach, and Project Co-ordinators must show that they can sustainably finance the proposed project.

A Project Co-ordinator manages the entire process from project submission, grant application and delivery of contractor works.

Partnership is essential for a successful community energy project. Project Coordinators must include a diverse selection of organisations as part of their application. Examples include:

  • GAA clubs and other sports facilities
  • local authorities
  • retail outlets
  • factories
  • community centres
  • not-for-profit organisations and charities
  • hotels
  • public sector facilties and schools

By bringing together groups of buildings under the same retrofit programme, community-wide energy improvements can be achieved more efficiently and cost effectively than might otherwise be possible.

How to get involved

If you are a business owner, local community service operator, homeowner or retail owner, we advise that you get in touch with a project coordinator.

Project Coordinators are currently looking for prospective projects. We would advise contacting a Project Coordinator as soon as possible to discuss your project.

Contact a Project Co-ordinator