Track the community grant funding available, under evaluation and committed for the current year.

2022 SEAI Community Energy Grants - Application Tracker

Issue date: 11th May 2022

Communities Budget2022
Under Evaluation44
Budget Available5
Application IDNameDate ReceivedDecision DateStatus
BEC 1181 REIL PH 17 14-Apr-22 12-Jul-22 Board approved

BEC 1182

Respond 2022 14-Apr-22 12-Jul-22

Board approved

BEC 1184


14-Apr-22 12-Jul-22 Board approved
BEC 1183 ECTC 22-Apr-22 12-Jul-22 Board approved
BEC 1186 Musgraves 24-Apr-22 12-Jul-22 Board approved
BEC 1192 Leetherm 24-Apr-22 15-Aug-22 Board approved
BEC 1189 South West 24-Apr-22 12-Jul-22 Board approved
BEC 1190 Dublin BEC 24-Apr-22 12-Jul-22 Board approved
BEC 1185 CLAR ICH 24-Apr-22 12-Jul-22 Board approved
BEC 1188 South East 25-Apr-22 15-Aug-22 Board approved
BEC 1191 Leinster BEC 05-May-22 12-Jul-22 Board approved
BEC 1196 ECTC 31-May-22 15-Aug-22 Board approved
BEC 1200 KRA 31-May-22   Under Evaluation
BEC 1193 Socium Energy 10-Jun-22 15-Aug-22 Board approved
BEC 1194 Cork BEC 10-Jun-22   Under Evaluation
BEC 1199 Munster BEC 10-Jun-22 15-Aug-22 Board approved
BEC 1197 South East 14-Jul-22   Under Evaluation
BEC 1195 North East


  Under Evaluation
BEC 1204 Central BEC 2022 26-Aug-22   Under Evaluation
BEC 1187 South East BEC 3 31-Aug-22   Under Evaluation
BEC 1203 Energy Wise 31-Aug-22   Under Evaluation
BEC 1209 DCL 1 31-Aug-22   Under Evaluation
BEC 1207 South 31-Aug-22   Under Evaluation
BEC 1208 SE Systems 2 31-Aug-22   Under Evaluation
BEC 1210 SE Systems 3 31-Aug-22 17-Sep-22 Unsuccessful
BEC 1211 Rebel BEC 31-Aug-22   Under Evaluation

Explanatory Notes

  • Application ID: Provided automatically by the application system
  • Name: The name assigned by the applicant
  • Date received: The date on which application parts A and B are successfully uploaded to the application system

Status will be indicated as one of the following:

  • Under Evaluation: Application received and with SEAI for decision
  • Evaluation Complete: Evaluation is complete approval cycle now commenced
  • Approved by Management: Contract may require additional approvals
  • Approved by Board: Final approval contract pending documentation
  • Committed: All documents are in place and applicant has accepted the grant offer
  • Evaluation Suspended: Insufficient details SEAI are awaiting clarifications
  • Unsuccessful: Project evaluation was unsuccessful
  • Reserve: Application held in reserve as SEAI has exceeded the commitment level & no further applications will be sent for evaluation

Applicants will be able to see from the date received / decision dates if their application falls within typical approval cycles.