Our electric vehicle grants make it more affordable to switch to an EV. Choose your make and model today and buy from our dealers list.

Electric vehicle grants and how to apply for them

We have grants available for a range of private and commercial electric vehicles.

After you decide on the electric vehicle you would like to purchase, your car dealer will have to apply for the grant on your behalf. Learn more about the the grant amounts available to you and visit our list of approved car dealers. Take a look at the range of electric vehicles eligible for a grant and book a test drive today. You can book your test drive directly with your nearest EV dealer.

Electric vehicle grant amounts    Find a dealer

Why drive an electric vehicle?

  • 74%

    reduction in transport costs compared to a comparable new diesel engine car
  • €120

    Lowest rate of motor tax at €120 per annum


Are you interested in switching to an EV? Contact us today on evgrantscheme@seai.ie