If you wish to apply for an Apartment Charger Grant, you must do so with the support of a Charge Point Operator (CPO) from the list below.

How to apply with support of a Charge Point Operator

  1. Please request a quote from the CPO’s below. A CPO will then visit your property and propose a technical solution for the Apartment Charger.
  2. The CPO will also be responsible for providing billing, maintenance and customer support on an ongoing basis several years after the installation.
  3. The system must be able to accommodate growth each year and the CPO must advise on appropriate connection capacities with intelligent load management systems in order to minimise connection cost and standing chargers for its users.  Only applications which list one of the registered CPOs will be considered for funding.
  4. This list is valid at the time of use and SEAI do not make any recommendations. The responsibility is with the Owner Management Companies (OMCs) to ensure that the CPO has valid insurance and tax.
Company NameWebsite

Amon EV Charging Solutions

Car Chargers Ireland www.carchargersireland.ie
CarPlug www.carplug.ie

Carra Ireland Ltd


Cue Power Limited www.cuepwr.com



EC Charging


Ecoplex Energy Solutions www.ecoplexenergy.ie
Energywsie Ireland www.energywiseireland.ie
ePower www.epower.ie



E-Wave Energy Hub T/A EV Charging Ireland




GlenEV Technologies Ltd www.glenev.com
G Charge EV Charging Stations


Go Charge


Local Power Ltd www.localpower.ie
M&C Doyle Electrical Limited www.mcdoyleelectrical.ie
EVReady www.evready.ie
Nevo Charging www.nevocharging.ie
Pinergy www.pinergy.ie
TSG Ireland www.tsgcharge.ie
Watiff www.wattifev.com/ie/
Weev www.weev.ie

Register to become a CPO

Register with SEAI and become a Charge Point Operator (CPO) for the Electric Vehicle Apartment Charger Grant scheme. Deliver and operate electric vehicle charging networks under this new scheme across Ireland.

Apply here