We encourage electric vehicle dealers in Ireland to join our EV grant scheme. Once registered, dealers can submit applications on behalf of EV customers.

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How to use the EV Cost Comparision Calculator

Grant amounts

Grants are available for M1 passenger cars and N1 light commercial vehicles. There are two grant categories for N1 vehicles depending on their size. These will be classified, as follows for the purpose of the grant as

  • N1S – small to medium van (includes car vans and small panel vans)
  • N1L – large panel van (technically permissible maximum laden mass of exactly 3500kg)
VehiclePrice CapPrivateDemonstrationCommercial
Private (M1) €60,000 €3,500 €3,800 N/A
Commercial (N1S) €60,000 N/A €3,800 €3,800
Commercial (N1L) €90,000 N/A €7,600 €7,600

Important to note

The full price of the vehicle to the customer can’t exceed the stated price cap and includes all optional extras, paint, delivery and other charges but excludes any incentives such as grants or rebates.

A grant offer must be in place before you register a vehicle, if not you may loose the grant payment or receive a reduced grant payment. The grant offer is valid for either 4 months from the date of offer or the lesser of 4 months to 31st December of that year. The vehicle must be registered and taxed within this time. If the vehicle is delayed beyond the 4 months then cancel the existing grant and reapply.

How to join

In order to join all electric vehicle dealers must follow these steps.

  1. A dealer must be authorised by their vehicle importer to trade a particular make or model of electric vehicle.
  2. The dealer is then nominated by their registered national vehicle Importer to participate in the electric vehicle grant scheme.
  3. We invite the nominated dealer to register with the EV grant scheme.
  4. Dealers who supply more than one brand of electric vehicle must be nominated separately by the individual vehicle importers.

Application process

During the application process, the dealer will be sent via email a set of joining instructions. This will include a link to a secure website and a temporary username and password. Via this website, the dealer will be asked to upload the following documents and information:

  • Signed page from the Dealer Framework Agreement (link to doc supplied, SEAI will counter sign and return a full copy to the dealer)
  • Tax Reference number - a print out from the dealer's tax account indicating compliance will suffice
  • Insurance evidence - a single letter from insurer indicating name, address, cover period of insured will suffice. The note must state that Employer Liability cover of €13m Public Liability cover of €6.5m and Products Liability cover €6.5m are provided
  • Motor Insurance Certificate
  • Bank account details for payment - note these will not be visible on your account to users of your account once submitted initially
  • List of all staff associated with the scheme - note any signature provided on any grant application or payment will be checked against this list

Dealer Training

SEAI now offers a free EV Dealer Training course on the SEAI Energy Academy for all EV dealers who participate in the EV Grant Scheme. All staff who sell EV or submit applications should undertake this course.

To enrol in this course select “ EV Dealer” as your business sector at time of registration.

In this course, you will learn:

  • About electric vehicles
  • How to register as an EV dealer
  • How to submit an EV grant application
  • How to submit an EV grant payment request
  • What the EV grant status are
  • What invoice and transaction documents are required
  • An SEAI EV grant invoice template is also provided as part of this course to learners.

This course will take around 30 minutes to complete after which you will receive an SEAI EV Dealer Training Certificate of Completion. 

Join the Energy Academy

Using the grant scheme

Once registered, dealers are free to submit grant applications using our secure online system. The diagram attached shows the grant scheme process.

We provide training to dealers in using the online grant application and grant payment claim system. There are 5 video tutorials avaiable which explain the following: (note all of these videos are part of the EV Dealer training on the SEAI Energy Acadmey platform)

It is the dealer's responsibility to ensure that all employees know how to use the scheme. Failure to do so may result in the loss of grant payment.

To keep dealers informed, a dealer webinar is held twice a year. The latest webinar was held on 29th August 2023. The recordings are available below.

Watch EV Dealer Webinar

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How to submit and EV grant application

Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA)

All electric vehicles and charging systems eligible for grants are also be eligible for ACA. ACA is similar to Capital Allowance but instead allows the full benefit to be claimed in the first year rather than spread across 8 years. The Importer is responsible for registering an EV type with the ACA scheme.

For more information visit our Accelerated Capital Allowance section.

Contact us

Email evgrantscheme@seai.ie