Register with SEAI and become a Charge Point Operator (CPO) for the Electric Vehicle Apartment Charger Grant scheme. Deliver and operate electric vehicle charging networks under this new scheme across Ireland.

About the scheme

SEAI operates the EV Apartment Charger Grant which is funded by ZEVI. The scheme will provide grant funding for apartment blocks and Multi Unit Developments (MUD) to install a local EV charging network and associated charge points. Only developments commenced before 10th March 2021 will be eligible for support for the charging network component as all residential developments after this date are mandated to provide charging infrastructure.

In order to deliver the EV Apartment Charger Grant scheme successfully, we are are now seeking applications from Charge Point Operators to deliver and operate the charging networks.

As a registered SEAI Charge Point Operator, you will be working closely with applicants for the EV Apartment Charger Grant scheme:

  • Owner Management Companies
  • Approved Housing Bodies
  • Local Authorities and
  • Build to Rent Developments

The above organisations must use a registered Charge Point Operator (CPO) to deliver and operate an EV charging network. Only applications that list one of the registered CPOs will be considered for funding.

Charge Point Operators

While the Apartment Charger grant scheme provides funding for the initial EV installation, the installation must be operated and maintained continuously thereafter, so it is important that a CPO be capable of:

  • installing a system and providing ongoing support
  • billing
  • providing customer support functions for several years after installation

The EV charging system must be able to accommodate growth each year, and the CPO must advise on appropriate connection capacities with intelligent load management systems in order to minimise connection cost and standing chargers for its users. 

Application criteria

To qualify for registration with SEAI, a CPO will be expected to provide the following evidence and meet the criteria outlined:

  • Be a registered company with valid tax clearance
  • Hold appropriate levels of insurance
  • Outline the proposed charging network, IT system and components
  • Present evidence of installation of similar systems over the past 2 years
  • Present evidence that they have the necessary team, expertise and experience together with appropriate subcontractors
  • Present evidence of the following:
    • Capability to install and maintain a local EV charging network
    • Have a Billing System and Customer Support service
    • Have appropriate IT systems to manage this
    • Have business plan and service plan options for applicants to choose for their needs

How to apply

Complete the two stages below to become an SEAI registered Charge Point Operator.

Following stage 1, successful applicants will be listed as registered CPOs on SEAI’s website on a temporary basis.

  • Stage 2 – Applicants will be provided with a full set of terms and conditions for review and acceptance. Once SEAI has received the signed Terms and Conditions the CPO will then be a fully registered CPO under the scheme.
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If you wish to apply for an Apartment Charger Grant, you must do so with the support of a registered CPO from the list below.

Registered Charge Point Operators

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