Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors of Electric Vehicle Smart Chargers are now invited to register their products with SEAI on the Triple E register.

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Learn how to submit a product for Smart Charger Register

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EV Smart Charger Product Register

These webinar slides describe:

  • Why SEAI have created an EV Smart Charger Product Register
  • Definition of a Smart Charger and Qualification Criteria
  • How to submit a Smart Charger Product

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Why register your EV Smart Charger on Triple E

Ireland’s Climate Action Plan has set a target to deliver 845,000 electric vehicles (EVs) to our roads by 2030. 80% of the charging required for these cars will be done at home with a ‘home-charger’. Careful management of this electrical load will be essential. 

Smart Charging manufacturers, importers and distributors are key stakeholders in the mass transition to electric vehicles and how they are charged.

From September 2022 the EV Home Charger Grant Scheme will only support smart chargers registered on Triple E. 

Manufacturers, importers and distributors who have registered their products on Triple E will benefit from the surge of Home Charger Grant Applicants who will be required to use Triple E in order to qualitfy for a grant.


Application criteria

A full list of criteria and standards that define Smart Chargers can be found on the Triple E categories and criteria section under the Electric Vehicles and Associated Charging Equipment section.

As part our move to support Smart Chargers only, SEAI will follow a two-step approach as follows:

  1. An EV product register has been created with associated criteria to allow product suppliers or installers to register Smart Charger products with SEAI. Once the product has been reviewed and approved by SEAI, it will be placed on the register. Instructions on how to submit your product on the Triple E register can be found here. Additional information, specific to EV Smart Chargers can be found below under 'Links and Downloads'.
  2. From September 2022, residents applying for an EV Home Charger grant will be required to select the EV Charger product from this new product register. Following installation, the registered Electrical Contractor will be required to confirm that the product (or any other product on the list) has been installed.

If your product already exists on Triple E under a different category, an additional step is required to deal with duplicate Product Names and Product Codes. Please read this note on 'Duplicate Product Submission'.