This is a government initiative to support the roll out of Electric Vehicle Public Charge Points. Local Authorities can apply to install charge points on public street or public car parks which provide overnight parking for local residents.

About the grant

  • The Climate Action Plan commits to a target of 936,000 electric vehicles on Irish roads by 2030. Ensuring there is the necessary infrastructure in place to support this step up is crucial.
  • Local Authorities such as County Councils, are ideally placed to identify the most suitable locations for installing these new charge points.
  • This grant will support the rollout by Local Authorities of up to 1,000 on-street public charge points for electric vehicles over the next 5 years, supporting the widespread uptake of electric vehicles. 
  • This grant scheme is designed to support residents without access to off-street parking who would like to switch their petrol or diesel car for an EV but lack access to charging infrastructure.
  • Increasing the number of on-street charge points will allow those who do not have a driveway access to a charge point. This will remove a key barrier to the uptake of electric vehicles.
  • Charge points may be located where public parking is provided on-street or in Local Authority car parks. In many cases, on-street charge points may be integrated with street lighting in a single lamppost.

Types of chargers supported

It is expected that the chargers installed will comprise primarily charging posts and lamppost chargers.  Charging posts typical supply AC power at 230V via two plug sockets each supplying 22kW of power. 

Lamppost chargers usually fit within a lamppost and supply AC power at 230V via one plug socket at 3-7kW of power.

Grant amounts available

Grant support is offered for each charge point (i.e. a single EV plug socket). A total of 75% of the capital costs will be provided, capped at €5,000 per single charge point.

Note a charge post may contain two charge points, in which case a charge post would receive up to €10,000 per post.

How to apply

This grant is open to Local Authorities / County Councils only.

  1. Application forms are only available on request. 
  2. Please send an email request to:
  3. Include the following text in your subject line: “EV Public Charger Application Form Request

Application criteria

  • To qualify, you must abide by the charge points, electrical, safety and planning standards. You must have a full plan in place which includes pricing, maintenance, billing and customer support.


Terms and conditions