Browse our list of registered Solar PV Companies and get a quote for your installation. Choose and appoint a company and agree a formal contract with them to get works completed.

Companies are registered with SEAI to ensure best practice. SEAI does not approve, guarantee or warranty a company or their works.

Qualified contractors are registered on the basis of their commitment to installing the works in accordance with the Domestic and Non-Domestic Technical Standards and Specification (DTSS) and adherence to the programme Code of Practice and Quality Assurance and Disciplinary Procedures (QADP).

Companies are also registered to ensure tax and insurance compliance. SEAI recommend you get at least four quotes from different companies, research the company online, ask to see references to past projects and/or speak to past customers of the company. SEAI strongly advise that you do not proceed with works unless a written contract is in place between you and your contractor. This affords you appropriate levels of consumer protection.

Please ensure that the company you plan to engage is on the SEAI Registered Companies list below and be on the alert for people offering solar PV who are not registered with SEAI. These installations do not qualify for SEAI grant support.

Questions to ask your selected Company

  • How much energy will the PV system produce in a year
  • What is the total cost
  • What are the ongoing service and maintenance costs
  • What warranty is provided
  • Is my roof and electricity demand suitable for PV

Your Company should provide a specific design and payback for your house.

List of registered Solar PV Companies

Search our database of registered Solar PV Companies. Search by county, domestic or non-domestic company or if you know the name of your preferred company, you can search by name.

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