Control your heating and enjoy a warmer, more energy efficient home.

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About the grant

Heating controls work by matching your heating and hot water schedules to the way you use your home. It's a smarter way to heat your home and hot water.

This grant will help you install heating controls in your home. Learn about the grant value and how to apply.

Grant value for heating controls

Each individual grant offers a fixed value.

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Heating Controls upgrade


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Who can apply

All homeowners, including landlords, whose homes were built and occupied before 2011 can apply. This is defined as the date your electricity meter was installed.

Your property will not be eligible for a Heating Controls grant if you are applying for, or have previously claimed, a Heat Pump System grant. This is because a Heat Pump System must incorporate heating controls as part of the grant works.

Before you apply


Homeowner Application Guide

Please ensure you are familiar with your comprehensive Homeowner Application Guide to Applying For and Claiming Cash Grants with Terms and Conditions.


Guide to heating controls

Download this guide to find out how heating controls work and if you need them. It also covers what questions to ask your contractor.

How to apply

​Find out about the application process if you are applying and managing the upgrade yourself.

Grant application process

Compare upgrade options

There are a number of ways to plan and manage your home energy upgrade and grant applications. Compare the options to see what works for you.

  • Individual Energy Upgrade Grants

    (Comprising Better Energy Homes and Solar PV schemes)

    Selection of individual grants for home energy upgrades

    Part funded with SEAI grants

    Homeowners manage their upgrades including:

    • contractor selection
    • grant application
    • contractor works
    • follow up BER

    Who this is for

    • homeowners and landlords
  • One Stop Shop Service

    A complete home energy upgrade solution

    Part funded with SEAI grants

    Managed by a One Stop Shop including:

    • home energy assessment
    • grant application
    • project management
    • contractor works
    • follow up BER

    Who this is for

    • homeowners and landlords
  • Fully Funded Energy Upgrade

    (Comprising Warmer Homes)

    For qualifying homeowners

    Fully funded by SEAI

    Managed by SEAI and includes:

    • home survey
    • contractor selection
    • contractor works
    • follow up BER

    Who this is for

    • qualifying homeowners in receipt of certain welfare benefits.

Plan your home energy upgrade

Your home energy upgrade journey should be done in 3 steps. Following this process gives you the best results for your investment at every stage.

3 steps to a warmer home

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