This grant is suitable for One-Stop-Shops, Residential Service Providers, Employers, Financial Institutions, registered Housing Associations and Local Authorities who wish to participate in delivering energy efficiency upgrades to homes.

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About the scheme

This new government grant scheme is designed to encourage the development of One-Stop-Shops and engage groups of private households, registered Housing Associations and Local Authorities who wish to participate in delivering energy efficiency upgrades, specifically in domestic buildings.

Key objectives of the scheme include:

  • Upgrade homes towards achieving the All of Government Climate Action Plan home energy retrofit targets
  • Test and Develop the One-Stop-Shop model in Ireland with a view to informing and providing learnings to the All of Government Climate Action Plan taskforce developing the model for delivery of energy targets to 2030
  • Support Housing Associations and Local Authorities to deliver larger and more technically challenging retrofits while encouraging scalability
  • Test the opportunity to capture the supply chain efficiencies and promote the awareness that the Local Authority retrofit programme will bring to the Midlands
  • Support financial institutions and employers to participate in delivering energy efficiency works for their employees and customers
  • Upgrade the housing stock in accordance with Part L of the Building Regulations 2019. This ensures when a major renovation is completed, a minimum B2 BER is achieved.
  • Facilitate high standards of energy efficiency and renewable energy usage, thereby reducing fossil fuel usage, energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Work to develop the supplier market for delivery on government home energy retrofit targets
  • ​Promote a building fabric first approach
    • Be as energy efficient as possible (fabric first approach)
    • Decarbonise heat
    • Improve ventilation
    • Adopt smart technologies as/if appropriate
  • Bring together groups of homes under the same retrofit programme to facilitate energy improvements in an efficient and cost-effective manner to an exemplar standard


Cost effective delivery

Bring together groups of homes under the same retrofit programme to facilitate energy improvements in an efficient and cost effective manner

Reduce your emissions

Reduce the emisisions in your constituency by improving the housing stock. Heating is one of our biggest energy users. By upgrading the homes in your area, you will cut down on your greenhouse gas emissions.

More comfort

Installing a highly efficient heating system in a well-insulated home will transform the comfort levels for the home of you tennants.

Cheaper heating bills

Your tennants will be very pleased with the cheaper heating bills as a result of improving energy efficiency.

Improve your BER

Upgrade your housing stock to a minimum B2 BER.

Funding amounts

National Housing Retrofit

Home TypeGrant Amount
Private Up to 35%
Local Authority homes Up to 35%
Housing Association homes Up to 50%

Midlands Retrofit - Private Homes Integration

Home TypeFunding Amount
Private. Non energy-poor Up to 35%
Private. Energy-poor Up to 80%

Maximum grant amount available is €2 million. We recommend applicants consider grant applications for at least €100,000.

% Budget available

as per 20th October 2020

Under Evaluation42
Budget Available55


The National Home Retrofit Scheme aims to fund a comprehensive suite of projects that deliver energy savings to homes. An eligible application must target one of the following:

  • A nationwide or regional application. i.e. no geographical limitations
  • A companywide or finance provider district led application. Where applications are submitted by a company or financial institution on behalf of their employees or members, the application may can consist of dwellings across multiple counties. An example of a finance provider led submission may be an application, supporting members of a specific Credit Union district and managed by a Project Co-ordinator
  • Midlands Retrofit application. Private upgrades must be linked to one of the defined midland Local Authorities.
  • The grant will support homes that have been built and occupied before 2006
  • Where you plan on installing heat pump technology, solar PV or solar water heating, the property must be built and occupied before 2011
  • This grant is not open to individual homeowners
  • A minimum Post Works BER rating of B2

How to apply

National Home Retrofit Standard Application or Midlands Retrofit Application

  • Enter name of your project, and attach your completed application form and Participating Energy Supplier form

Information for homeowners

This grant is not available to individual homeowners. However, if you are looking to get involved in a National Home Retrofit application, you should contact one of the One Stop Shops / Project Co-ordinators.

Contact a project coordinator