The SEAI National Energy Research Development and Demonstration (RD&D) Funding Programme invests in innovative energy RD&D projects which contribute to Ireland's transition to a clean and secure energy future.

SEAI National Energy RD&D Funding Programme Objectives

  • Support

    Support solutions that enable technical and other barriers to market uptake to be overcome
  • Grow

    Grow Ireland's national capacity to access, develop and apply international class RD&D
  • Inform

    Provide guidance and support to policy makers and public bodies
  • Accelerate

    Accelerate competitive energy-related products, processes and systems

SEAI National Energy Research Funding Call - 2024 Call Closed

Deadline TypeDate 
Call Open Date 19th April 2024  
Call Launch Information Webinar 11am, 30th April 2024

Webinar Recording

Webinar Slides

Application Submission Deadline

12 noon (Irish Standard Time) 13th June 2024

Award Notification Q4 2024  

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Please review the information provided here and in the Call documentation, and for any other queries, please contact

What projects are eligible?

Accelerating transformative research to deliver Ireland’s clean energy and climate ambitions will require enhanced collaboration across a wide range of stakeholders and actors.

Diverse approaches and engaged research methods will be required, which may include multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research approaches.

The SEAI National Energy RD&D Funding Programme welcomes research proposals from all research disciplines, as well as collaborative projects involving multiple organisations subject to alignment with the overall programme objectives.

2023 Awards

Lead Organisation Project Title

Atlantic Technological University 

Anchor and mooring selection for FLOW (AMS-FLOW)

Atlantic Technological University 

Measures to Improve Energy Efficiency and Ensure a Low Carbon Future for Irish Traveller, Direct Provision and Displaced Communities Living in Mobile Homes

Cenergise Trading Limited

Demonstration of smart residential platform – with solar, battery, hot water and EV integration that can be scheduled remotely based on price and called upon by the DSO to provide flexibility.


Heat NEWS (Net zEro With heat Storage)

CTL Tástáil Teo

DeepCData: DEtailEd material Performance Characterisation and DATA generation for tidal energy

Economic and Social Research Institute

Maximising the FLEXibility of Energy CONsumption in Ireland (FlexECon) 

Economic and Social Research Institute

Impacts of energy prices on fuel poverty and its implications for the Just Transition

Economic and Social Research Institute

SOCial comparison for enERGY efficiency investment (SOCERGY)

ÉireComposites Teo

SustaBlade – Development of Sustainable wind turbine blades using novel materials 

ÉireComposites Teo

LEProtect: Development of a novel Leading Edge Protection system for offshore wind turbine blades

Maynooth University

Engagement levels of the farming sector in renewable energy and bioeconomy projects – a focus on balancing economic and environmental sustainability. (AgriRenew)

Maynooth University

ALIGN - Aligning Energy Policy with Lived Experience to Deliver Interdisciplinary Solutions to Alleviate Energy Poverty

Munster Technological University

Project REDUCE: Reducing the performance gap in Irish asset rating systems

ORPC Ireland

Advancing Tidal Energy Applications and Moorings (A-TEAM)

Prime19 Innovation Ltd

Leveraging Advanced Analytics to Tackle Energy Poverty & Drive Greater Retrofit Activity

Rockall Research Ltd

De-risking Ireland's Floating Offshore Wind Targets (DIFOWT)

SouthEast Technological University (SETU) Carlow

Sol-gel materials for fouling prevention on Wind Turbine Blades (SOLOBLADE)

Technological University Dublin

PREDICT – PRedicting Energy using Dynamic Indicators in a Calibrated Tool  Development of an adaptive in-use factor tool to reduce the energy performance gap in buildings

Trinity College Dublin

Irish Car Stock Model (RATE)

Trinity College Dublin

Innovation in Dynamic Cables for Offshore Renewable Energy 

Trinity College Dublin

RevRenew: Revving up Renewable Integration: Standardizing Smart Connections for EVs and Renewables

Trinity College Dublin

Optimising Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations Through Investigation of Pile Ageing Effects

University College Cork

Super Home Smart Inverter for Irish Electricity Network (SuHSI)

University College Cork

Floating Offshore Wind Technologies for the Atlantic Frontier (AtlanticFloat)

University College Dublin

BioAssess – An environmental, economic and social assessment framework for bioenergy and bioeconomy development in Ireland

University College Dublin

Behavioural Research to Inform Greener Home Transformations (BRIGHT) 

University College Dublin

Grid integration impacts of type 5 (hydrostatic transmission-based) wind turbines for the Irish power system 

University College Dublin

Floating Offshore Wind Dynamic Cables (FlOWDyn)

University College Dublin

BioPyroC:  High-value BIO-based products from residual agri-food biomass via PYROlysis: A dual approach for Carbon sequestration and residues valorisation

University College Dublin

Operational, stability, and network-related strategies for integrating 8 GW of solar PV generation on the Irish power system (OSN-Solar)

University College Dublin

Retrofit of TradFabs

University of Galway

RECODE: Renewable Energy Community-Developer Engagement

University of Galway

A Trusted and Interoperable Mobility as a Service Ecosystem For Ireland (MaaS4IRL)

University of Galway

RETRO-BET: Testing of RETROfit solutions in a Building Envelope Testbench

University of Galway

The Impact of Occupant Behaviour on Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality in Irish Energy-efficient Homes (BE-VENT)

University of Limerick

Novel design and manufacturing strategies for innovative offshore composite hydrogen tanks (HyFloatComp) 

University of Limerick

Inclusive Sustainable Cycling 2: Widening Equity in Ebike Use (ISCycle2)

University of Limerick

MXene-Based High Energy Density Batteries - Accelerating the Transition to a Sustainable Electric Vehicle Fleet (MXEnergy)

SEAI RD&D Technical Evaluator Database

Are you interested in reviewing and evaluating applications as a technical expert?

In line with international best practice, SEAI assigns experts with a record of publication and/or relevant experience in specific subject areas to act as technical evaluators of applications submitted to the SEAI National Energy RD&D Funding Programme Call. A financial incentive will be provided to eligible Technical Evaluators to reimburse the time spent undertaking the reviews.

Expression of Interest

Experts may submit an expression of interest to SEAI to indicate their interest in participating in the evaluation of applications submitted to the SEAI RD&D Call.

Expressions of interest should be emailed to Your expression of interest should include:

  • Your name and organisation
  • Your area of expertise/experience (50 words max)

Experts who have submitted an Expression of Interest will be informed by email of the application process, which includes filling out a short application form and providing a CV. Appointed experts will be required to adhere to strict reviewer confidentiality, GDPR requirements, and to sign a Declaration of Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Form. If an expert considers they have a conflict of interest, they are asked to declare this and may not be eligible to participate in the evaluation process. In case of any doubt, please contact

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