The SEAI National Energy Research Development and Demonstration (RD&D) Funding Programme invests in innovative energy RD&D projects which contribute to Ireland's transition to a clean and secure energy future.

SEAI RD&D Funding Programme

Our key programme objectives include the following:

  • Accelerate the development and deployment in the Irish marketplace of competitive energy-related products, processes and systems
  • Support solutions that enable technical and other barriers to market uptake to be overcome
  • Grow Ireland's national capacity to access, develop and apply international class RD&D
  • Provide guidance and support to policy makers and public bodies through results, outcomes and learning from supported energy projects

The programme supports innovative and targeted actions in Research, Development & Demonstration to assist in the delivery of the following:

2019 SEAI National Energy Research Funding Call

The 2019 RD&D Funding Call is now Closed

Key Dates 
2019 SEAI RD&D Funding Call Open Monday, 21st of January 2019
Call Close Thursday, 7th of March 2019

Who can avail of the programme

Applications will be accepted from:

  • Companies
  • Research Performing Organisations (e.g. universities, Institutes of Technology and Publically Funded Research Institutions)
  • Public Sector Bodies
  • Semi-State Bodies

Your organisation may apply to the Programme individually or as part of a consortium. Applications will only be accepted by organisations based in the Republic of Ireland.

What projects are eligible

The 2019 SEAI RD&D Funding Programme provides the opportunity for applicants to submit proposals. Proposals can be submitted to either a topic strand or open strand.

The Open Strand provides an opportunity for applicants to propose projects within SEAI’s legal remit. This directly address the aims and objectives of the SEAI RD&D Funding Programme Call. This strand is open to all areas of SEAI’s legal remit including ocean energy.

The Topic Strand provides an opportunity for applicants to submit proposals. These address the requirements of the topics outlined in the Call document.

Levels of funding available

The level of funding available ranges from €100,000 for projects of less than one year duration. The maximum is up to €650,000 for projects of up to four years. The table below provides a more accurate overview of the durations and levels of funding available.

Scale/TypeTypical DurationTypical Maximum SEAI Funding
Small Scale Up to 12 months Up to €100,000
Medium Scale 12 - 36 months Up to €350,000
Large Scale 36 - 48 months Up to €650,000
RPO Fellowships 12 - 36 months Up to €250,000
SEAI-based Fellowships 36 months Up to €250,000

Funding rate

EU state aid rules stipulate:

  • what types of research activities are eligible for support
  • which costs relating to these activities may be covered in part or in full (ranging from 25% up to 100%)
  • the maximum aid intensity that may be granted for the various activities

Applicants should refer to the SEAI RD&D Budget Policy. This provides additional information in relation to which category their project falls under. This will be available for download at call launch

Evaluation process and criteria

Only fully complete applications received prior to the application deadline will be considered for evaluation. Applications will be assessed under three evaluation criteria as follows:

  1. Excellence and Innovation (40%)
  2. Relevance and Impact (30%)
  3. Quality and Efficiency of Implementation (including value for money) (30%)

Contact us

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